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FRESH FACES: Entire Travel Group’s James Wyatt

Entire Travel Group has opened its first Melbourne office. Here, new European specialist JAMES WYATT shares his top travel tip, the key to a successful travel wholesaler and two things clients may not know about the company.


Where is the last place you travelled and where are you going next?

The last place I travelled to was Belgium and France, to discover the WW1 Battlefields. It was an amazing experience and I was able to pay homage to our fallen soldiers. I visited Bruges, Ypres, Perrone and Amiens, then flew back from Paris.

Not sure where I’m travelling to next - there are so many places I’d like to visit; however, it will be in Europe.


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels?

Besides a toothbrush and clean underwear, take a good shirt, slacks and shoes, in case you end up going to a venue that requires them (smart casual wear). Best to be prepared.  


Why did you take up the role at Entire Travel Group?

It was just a really good opportunity and being close to home has been an added bonus!

The culture and environment Entire Travel Group have created also appealed to me and being part of such a growing, dynamic company simply ticked all the boxes I was looking for.

I also bring over a wealth of European knowledge, which was an important factor in gaining the role, and I was told I would be a good fit, which was great to hear.  


Tell us something people might not know about the company?

Entire Travel Group now offers a client friendly (gross pricing) invoice for agents to hand directly to their clients to save them time - and have recently consolidated all their websites to


What’s the key to a successful tour operator/travel wholesaler?

Being able to change and grow with the times, and also listening to what their clientele is asking for.  Having quick response times to enquiries and bookings, and unique travel experiences on offer.  


What’s your top travel tip?

When you set out on your trip/holiday just be ready for anything and keep an open mind; remember “it’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s different” - this way you can really get a true local experience, which you’ll enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.  

Check, and be aware of local traditions where you are going as you don’t want to offend anyone. 

Also, take lots of photos and share with everyone.  



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Written by: James Wyatt as told to Traveltalk
Published: 28 November 2019

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