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FRESH FACES: Meet Traveltalk MD Jenny Evans

Joining the travel industry when few are travelling takes some pretty big kahunas - or unwavering faith in an industry that is as resilient as it is fun.

Jenny Evans is Traveltalk’s new managing director and publisher and is already the epitome of our travel industry: she has passion and a plan. 


We chat with her, amid all the dog barking (it’s almost a prerequisite at Traveltalk to have dogs) about her first ever job (read on, it’s certainly unique) and where she’s travelling when she can. 



What was your first ever job and what lessons did you take from it?

At age 14 I ran Rent-a-Ringer, a group of teenage bellringers. I was living in Cambridgeshire and this involved cycling from village to village to ring the bells for weddings. My biggest lesson from this was that I can’t do everything myself so always be careful not to over commit.


What’s the first thing you do when you start a new position?

Learn as much as possible about the people and the processes and try not to jump to any conclusions!


What made you join the travel industry when not only international, but many state borders are closed, and a number of industry people have had to pursue other roles outside of travel?

Right place, right time. My good friend Jenny Rowland (my co-publisher and Sales Director) has spent the last 10 years telling me about Traveltalk and I’ve been a regular reader. When the opportunity came up to get involved, I couldn’t resist. The quiet period at present has been a good time to learn the business so that I’ll be prepared when life gets back to normal.


What has the pandemic taught you about yourself? 

That travel is very important to me!


Aisle or window seat and why?

I like looking out the window but not climbing over people so aisle.


Where are you most looking forward to travel once borders open?

UK. I am English and usually go back to visit family every 6 months. This has been a long two years.


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Published: 6 October 2021

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