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Funny Antarctica questions travellers ask

Viking expedition leader David McGonigal has been to Antarctica 120 times. Here, he talks about travel to the region and shares some wild questions travellers have asked. 


With Viking Expeditions taking cruisers to Antarctica on new ship Viking Octantis, McGonigal answers the questions you’ve always wanted to ask (and some of the ones you haven’t), Escape reported.



According to McGonigal, while the waters of Antarctica itself are calm, seasickness medication is worth the investment for the Drake Passage. 


“I’ve spent more than a year of my life on the Drake Passage. I estimate that about 15 per cent of crossings are reflection-calm and another 15 per cent are the Drake Shake. The rest are somewhere in the middle.”


He also recommends people invest in smart gloves so that they can work their camera and phone while out and about without having to take their gloves off. 


Aside from the stunning glaciers, the wildlife is spectacular, and, McGonigal says, “pretty reliable”.


“You will see penguins and seals, and albatross across the Drake. Late season you’ll see whales too. The unknown is whether you’ll encounter large whales (such as blue, fin or sei) on the crossing.”


Just don’t expect polar bears. Obviously. 


Like polar bears, here are some of the more interesting questions McGonigal has been asked:


Does the crew sleep on the ship? 

Do penguins bury their dead? 

Is the water shallower near the beach? 

What happens if the water gets higher than my boots? 

What happens to an iceberg when it melts?


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Published: 4 March 2022

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