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HOW DO YOU TRAVEL? Deborah Dewe, MTA Travel

Not many people can relate personally to Tom Hanks' movie 'Castaway', but Deborah can...

MTA Travel Business Development Manager WA, Deborah Dewe.

Home-based travel advisor network MTA Travel recently welcomed a new Business Development Manager to its network.

Deborah Dewe is based in Western Australia and works alongside the state's advisors to help develop sales opportunities, promotions and campaigns for its preferred suppliers.

Now a few months into the role, Traveltalk caught Deborah to find out more about her personal travel history and what tips and tricks she has picked up from her years on the road.


Do you pack light or take the whole wardrobe?

I take my whole wardrobe and normally wear 25% of what I pack! Depends on the allowance though.

Are you packed well in advance or a last-minute crammer?

Pack well in advance and lay it all out on the spare bed to check I have everything.

What keeps you entertained on a long-haul flight?

People watching and observing how people behave on a plane, food/wine and movies. I can never sleep.

Besides your phone, what essential technology do you travel with?

iPad and Airpods.

Have you ever lost your bag while travelling? Did you see it again?

Yes, when I went to Fiji, I went via Sydney but my bags went via Melbourne.

They arrived two days later but after I found some lovely outfits in the local market. I also lost them in New Zealand, but I think this might have been a weight issue as it was a very small plane full of trade.

Imagine being the only guest at a Fijian island resort. The only one...

What is your most hilarious or unbelievable travel story?

Once, I was the only guest of a hotel on a Fijian island. They were recovering from a cyclone and
were not taking many bookings. I think I was among their first.

I spent the night in an oceanfront Bure with no phone signal or electricity and with the staff all going to the other side of the island at night. I was joined however in the night by a crab scuttling around my room. It was very eerie at night but during the day, I felt like Robinson Crusoe with my own beach.

The staff were awesome, I got a private tour of the island, food to order and drinks delivered to my hammock.

And finally, what is the most amazing place you’ve been in the world?

Iceland is probably one of the most unusual and special places I have travelled to.

It was for a Geography/Geology University field trip way back, and we spent 10 days in Reykjavik and ventured to the central ice sheet. The landscape is just out of this world and so vast.

I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights and walk across major glaciers. The geysers, waterfalls, thermal baths and colour city are forever in my memory, as is eating fermented/rotten fish, which is a delicacy in those parts.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 14 July 2023

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