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HOW DO YOU TRAVEL? Nichole Steadman, FCTG Independent

How do you get from London to Paris quickly to meet a tour, navigating train strikes and full flights along the way? Ask Nichole...

FCTG Independent Business Development Manager, Nichole Steadman

Amid the rise of FCTG Independent, the company has welcomed Nichole Steadman to the team as its new Business Development Manager, based in Brisbane.

Steadman is a highly experienced travel industry professional, with 16 years at The Travel Corporation among the notches on her career belt. Most recently, Steadman was working in the corporate travel sector with the Australian Government's Future Fund Management Agency.

FCTG Independent comprises a number of brands including Travel Partners, the Travel Associates franchise arm and Flight Centre Independent Advisors. 

As she prepared to begin her new role with FCTG Independent, Traveltalk grabbed five minutes with Nichole to find out more about her own unique travel history.


Do you pack light or take the whole wardrobe?

I always start off thinking I will pack light, but inevitably end up taking at least a handful of things
that I never wear or use.

Are you packed well in advance or a last-minute crammer?

I start creating a list in my head of the things I want to pack, but it’s always a last-minute session the night before an early flight!

What keeps you entertained on a long-haul flight?

Movies – I will usually find something that I have seen multiple times and start watching that. I tend to nap though, so I will wake up, rewind and start again only to have the same thing happen. It can take hours to watch a single tv episode.

Besides your phone, what essential technology do you travel with?

Noise cancelling headphones. The bliss of not having to listen to other passengers on a flight is

Have you ever lost your bag while travelling? Did you see it again?

Thankfully I have never lost a bag, though I did lose a very expensive pair of sunglasses once.

A frozen Christmas in the French Alps in 2019 holds warm memories for Nichole.

What is the most amazing place you’ve been in the world?

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas 2019 with some great friends in the French Alps. The whole village was covered in beautiful, oversized Christmas decorations that immediately turned us all into little kids excited for Santa. It was the most magical white Christmas.

And finally, what is your most hilarious or unbelievable travel story?

I had a train booked from London to Paris to meet up with a tour. Sadly, the Parisian train drivers
went on strike and my journey was cancelled so I had to fly, but flights were packed and the only last minute flight I could get on was with Lufthansa via Frankfurt.

It was a mission with many speed bumps along the way. Find me at a function or buy me a coffee
and I will happily tell you the details of this crazy journey.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 29 June 2023

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