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HOW DO YOU TRAVEL? Nikita Beresnev, Nesuto Apartment Hotels

We're all accustomed to delays with flights, but what do you do if you're stuck in an airport waiting for 24 hours?

Nesuto Hotels Director of Commercial AUNZ, Nikita Beresnev.

Russian-born Nikita Beresnev brings an extensive and distinguished career to date in the hotel industry to his current role as Director of Commercial Australia and New Zealand for self-contained apartment operator Nesuto Hotels.

Prior to joining the brand soon after its launch in 2018, Beresnev held down senior roles with Pan Pacific Hotel Group, Amora Group and IHG Hotels and Resorts in revenue generation, yield management and rooms division management.

But at heart, Beresnev is a keen traveller and has his fair share of stories from the road, as Traveltalk found out during a recent catchup.


Do you pack light or take the whole wardrobe?

I always pack light, and if I forget something, its an excuse to go shopping. Also, it’s cheaper
sometimes to buy new things than paying for extra weight.

Are you packed well in advance or a last-minute crammer?

Last minute packing is the best, so I don’t end up taking too much stuff with me on the business trip or holiday.

What keeps you entertained on a long-haul flight?

Movies, books, and my family. Sitting on a long-haul flight is just like having a pyjama day at home, where no one has to do anything except eat, watch inflight entertainment and try and get a few moments sleep.

Besides your phone, what essential technology do you travel with?

I always take a laptop to check on work and it has a larger screen for entertainment.

Have you ever lost your bag while travelling? Did you see it again?

Yes, several times. My bags always came back to me a couple of days later. It is annoying, but I
always take important things in carry on.

The Russian town of Suzdal is an untouched and wholly authentic part of the world favoured by Beresnev.

What is the most amazing place you’ve been in the world?

Even after travelling around the world, I am still amazed by the small town of Suzdal in the countryside of Russia with a population of around 10,000 people.

Suzdal is a heritage city and is frozen in time. You cannot find any modern shops or buildings in this town. The place is a major tourist attraction in the region with its churches, castles and museums dating back hundreds of years. The local hospitality is amazing as everyone is warm and welcoming to anyone who is visiting.

And finally, what is your most hilarious or unbelievable travel story?

I once had a 24-hour delay in Frankfurt Airport about 12 years ago when I was traveling to visit my family for Christmas and New Year.

I managed to find a comfortable booth in one of the restaurants at the airport. Every hour I saw a friend from high school walking into the same restaurant, as they were flying from all over the world to visit family, and we were stuck together. By the end of our delay, we had a table of nine friends catching up about good old times!

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 17 November 2023

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