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How much does a removal company cost?

A price guide for moving

Are you about to move somewhere and worried about the luggage transfer? Or confused about the prices of legitimate companies that offer removal services? Don’t know the method of calculating the removal cost? Don’t worry, we are here to clarify your every question and guide you through the costs for 2021.



What does an average company cost for moving?

Moving home may be your biggest decision in life. It may be the toughest decision too because moving is not at all easy especially to far places. But if you hire a company for the removal process then you can get rid of all your anxieties and suspicions.


Don’t worry about the pricing it doesn’t cost too much to break a bank or sell something really costly to have removalists. An average removal company in Melbourne starts its pricing range from 300 dollars and ends may be on 1500 dollars or so


The services worth the money, because there is so much to do while making a move hassle-free and comfortable. Some removalists charge an hourly rate while others charge according to the volume of your luggage. So you can choose the way you want to pay.


Estimated removalist’s costs in Melbourne:

Here is a rough estimation of costs that are being charged by moving companies in Melbourne. Again these prices are a rough analysis, not the real prices. Just have a look at them

  • $308 to $462  can be the price for a bedroom place that is 10-15m3
  • $462 to $770 can be the cost for a bedroom of 16-25m3
  • $616 to $990 can be the price of a bedroom that is 26-40m3
  • $924 to $1232 is the price range for a bedroom place that is 41&50m3
  • The bedroom place more than that will charged even higher up to 1600 dollars or so.



There are some companies that offer extra services like packing the luggage etc. These companies charge extra for extra services but you can consider these prices as peace-buying prices for you. Because it may save you from a lot of stress and anxiety.


Some other important things to keep in mind while moving:

  • There are several removal companies in Melbourne, but only use the services of a well-reputed company that is qualified with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association), because such companies provide reliable and dependable services.
  • Confirm before hiring that the removalists that you have been selecting are professionals or not? Do they have an office or not? And if they can provide you the services you want or not?
  • Don’t ask for an hourly rate because it may cost you extra. Because hourly rates depend on the speed of the vehicle and also the route that is being chosen by the driver. So don’t make such a mistake.


Calculating the removal cost is not a big deal. It merely depends upon the company you are hiring, the volume of items you want to move, and the area to which you are moving. You have both the options of choosing an expensive removalist with great services or a cheap one with limited services. 


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Published: 27 January 2021

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