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How to brag about your holiday without alienating people


The good old holiday brag is one of the best parts of a holiday. While your friends and family are schlepping to work each day, you bombard them with pictures of your tropical getaway. But is this act causing you to lose friends, and more importantly, followers?


Is there ever a right way to brag about your holiday? According to the smarties at Harvard, there certainly is.


Some insist the so called holiday humblebrag is the answer (a move which while showcasing the luxury your experiencing manages to be self deprecating and/or humble simultaneously), but Harvard Business School researchers say this is a risky endeavour, the UK Telegraph reported.


“Despite people’s belief that combining bragging and complaining confers the benefits of both self-promotion strategies, humblebragging fails to pay off,” their study found.


The other option is to disguise your posts as handy travel advice for friends, though suggesting everyone travel in the pointy end of the plane or only stay in five star resorts may not win anyone over.


Probably the best bet is to just be earnest and sincere. That, and keep your posts to a minimum.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 2 October 2017

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