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Important Tips to Stay Safe While Travelling

Tourists are the main target of local people when it comes to fraud cases and scams. So, even though you can reach any part of the world in a couple of days, you still need to prepare yourself before travelling.


Many people who become victims of identity theft lose their money or other belongings. Such negative things can turn the happiest time of your life into a nightmare, so it is important to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.



In today’s article, we will highlight some of the best ways to stay safe while travelling.


Avoid Using Public WiFi

This should be your normal practice even when you are in your own country. Public WiFi is under constant attack from hackers that want to get more information about anyone who’s using it. 


Hackers can corrupt public WiFi networks and get information from people’s phones or computers including passwords, credit card numbers, and much more.


So, instead of using public WiFi while travelling, you can buy a portable router and set up your own WiFi hotspot, or buy a local SIM card with data at the airport kiosk.


Add Tracking Apps and Password-Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones are a common target for thieves, which is why you need to prepare for the worst. Surprisingly, 48 percent of all smartphone users don’t use password-protection on their phone and only 26% of all people use tracking services.


In order to prevent stolen data and possibly even find your phone if it gets stolen make sure you have a strong and unique password and tracking app turned on. 


Avoid Posting Your Location on Social Media

We all know that it is very tempting to share your location and all the incredible places you visited, but sometimes that can lead to a more serious problem. In fact, only 32% of people avoid posting and updating their social media status while travelling and only 20% disable geotagging on pictures.


Sharing your location on social media allows thieves to keep track of where you are, making it easier for them to time a crime. This often leads to burgled homes which can be a shock when you come back from vacation.


Bring Only What You Need and Lock Up The Rest

Obviously, travelling is all about visiting special places which means that most of the time you’ll be away from the hotel. This doesn’t mean that you should pack all the important things such as a Social Security card or birth certificate with you.


It is important that you keep things separate, just to avoid losing all the things if you get robbed. For example, you can take one credit card with you and leave the rest at the hotel you are staying.


Monitor Transactions

Unwanted transactions or stolen money is the most common way people get robbed. Many scammers place specifically designed machines on ATM machines that can steal your credit card information.


That’s why it is important to keep track of all transactions. It is wise to turn mobile notifications on for your credit cards. Surprisingly, 81% of all travellers trust banks and credit card companies to catch fraud they and 53% of all travellers say that monitoring transactions are challenging.


Either way, you cannot expect the bank to catch fraud for you nor to refund your money if someone steals your credit card information.


Inform Yourself About Your Destination

There are many places with different levels of risk when it comes to unwanted situations mentioned in this article. It is really important to inform yourself about the destination, just like you inform yourself about the player’s NBA stats in The TwinSpires Edge before betting in basketball. 


You can read reviews from people who will definitely help you a lot by giving you a heads up on unwanted things you should prepare for. It is also good to learn some local words that might come in handy if you find yourself in a difficult situation.


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Published: 25 April 2021

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