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Inside a travel editor’s suitcase

Prior to kids (and travelling with kids) I was a notoriously light packer. A small cabin bag and a big handbag could see me through pretty much every travel eventuality and still leave room for shopping.

The key is to bring things that are multipurpose - and I don't mean 2-in-1 shampoo!



Tight plane seats and long bus travel can leave you with a crick in your neck and knots in your back. A tennis ball is great to pop behind your back on a long flight and turn that hard seat into a massage chair. And if your lucky enough to meet with some little locals, your tennis ball is great for an impromptu game of football. 


I also used the tennis ball to keep my toddler on her feet at a road stop on a long drive out of London, and my dog distracted in Gundagai en route to Sydney.



No matter what the season, I bring my bathers. There's always the possibility of a pool, sauna or hot tub and I don't want to miss out or have to buy yet another bathing suit. So a waterproof pouch is essential. The waterproof pouch can be used to not only keep toiletries separate from your clothes, but also anything that gets wet or dirty. And unlike a plastic bag, it's better for the environment and has multiple purposes. I often use mine as a make up bag, or because it’s quite a chic, handmade one, as a cool clutch.



As multifunctional a tool my phone is, its battery life leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, I really like real books. When in a drab hotel room or stuck in an airport, a book can take you to a different world. And if travelling alone, a book makes for a great familiar, interesting companion.



I have a great bamboo spork/knife that never leaves my bag. It sits beside a stainless steel straw. These light, small things mean I'm not adding to disposable rubbish.



I'm obsessed with the smell of tea tree so prefer this to the many antibacterial gels on the market. I use this to wipe down germy surfaces and it's packed with some band aids so I can keep a wound clean if need be too!



I have a heap of uber soft bamboo face washers and find these are a great way to avoid one time use wipes. Face washers are also great in really hot weather. I simply wet one in cold water, wring it out and then keep it on hand to cool the back of my neck or forehead.



Planes are cold, churches or temples may require you to cover up, or you may just need a wrap for your little black dress or even swimmers. A pashmina or big cotton scarf can address all these issues.



I actually don't like Tim Tams, but I appreciate how popular they are, so always brings a few packets to give as gifts to worthy recipients overseas. Whether that's just a really friendly hotel staffer, a taxi driver, some school kids, Tim Tams are like giving a bit of Australia to the world. Vegemite does not work as well. Trust me.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 8 September 2017

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