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Monkeys Steal $17,000

Aussie Travellers' Bali Adventures Turn Bittersweet

It's a jungle out there, especially for Australian travellers in Indonesia! Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) has swung in with a startling revelation: Bali isn't just about the serene yoga sessions and picturesque beach times; it's also about the unexpected adventures Aussies are having with their primate pals.

The love for Indonesia among Aussies has surged, with SCTI reporting a whopping 38% hike in policy sales for trips to Indonesia since the pre-pandemic days. A staggering 17% of all SCTI's policies sold in 2023 have been for this tropical haven. But with popularity comes the unexpected - claims have risen by 44% since 2019, averaging at $1,017. It seems the Indonesian escapade comes with its set of pitfalls, with Bali belly leading the pack at 24%, and lost or stolen phones ringing in at 10% of total claims.

But here's the kicker - monkey business is on the rise! Those furry little pickpockets have been responsible for a total of $17,000 in insurance claims over the past five years. Yes, it seems our tree-dwelling counterparts have developed quite the knack for swiping goodies from unsuspecting tourists.

Jo McCauley, SCTI CEO, has a few nuggets of wisdom for travellers: report lost or stolen items to the police pronto and remember to block your phone's IMEI number. And while you're floating in the sea or getting your tan on, keep a watchful eye on your belongings - or better yet, make sure they're being watched by someone you trust.

Indonesia, the second most claimed-against country, remains a hot favourite destination. And while Aussies are ready to soak up the Indonesian sun, SCTI reminds everyone to pack their travel insurance, just in case the monkeys decide they fancy your phone. After all, it's all fun and games until someone loses a smartphone!



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Published: 7 November 2023

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