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Packing tips for your next holiday

We all love holidays, even if preparing for them can feel like a chore, especially when it comes to packing. But fret not, because we have 10 tips that will help you through the packing process.



1. Know Your Airline Luggage Restrictions And Regulations

If you’re travelling by plane, remember that each airline has different luggage restrictions. And if you get caught out with heavier bags than you’re allowed, either with your checked luggage or carry-on, you could cop a big fee at the airport.

Moreover, if you don’t have all the travelling accessories you might need, it’s a good idea to check frequent flyer points with David Jones. It’s faster, easier, and you easily find what you need.


2. Write And Follow A Packing List

A packing list is going to help you stay organized and know exactly which things to take. Before you write your list, it’s a good idea to check the weather in your destination.

When writing the list, don’t forget to include the small but important things like phone or laptop chargers and your documents. 


3. Rolled vs. Folded Clothes

Most of us fold our clothes. But, if you roll them, you’ll save on space. Moreover, you can use compression bags to make additional room.

You can also save space by stuffing your shoes with underwear and socks and by placing accessories layers of clothing. Plus, you can use tissue paper between the folded clothes to avoid wrinkles.


4. Pack Small-sized Liquids

Whether you’re travelling by plane, bus, train or car, small-sized liquids are better than full-sized versions. And if you need more of anything, you can usually buy them at your destination. To be more eco-friendly, consider purchasing re-usable containers.


5. Pack Your Toiletries In A Separate Waterproof Bag

Always pack your toiletries in a separate bag from the other items, ideally in a zipped waterproof bag. You never know when the caps will open and bottles will leak.


6. Pack Only Essential Things, Plus One Outfit In Your Carry-on Bag

With carry-on bags limited in weight and size, bring only the essentials onboard with you. Those include documents, phone, tablet, tissues, medications, and snacks.

Besides these things, try to pack one spare outfit for any emergencies or accidents (like kids throwing up on you, or spilling food/drink over yourself). 


7. Take The Bulkiest Clothes With You

Whether you’re travelling by plane or bus, try to carry your coat, boots and heavier things with you. Even better, wear them. That way, they won’t take space in your cabin bag.


8. Don’t Pack Just-in-case Things

You never know what you might need on vacation, but packing just-in-case things is wrong. And if something does actually happen, you’ll likely manage to find what you need at your destination.


9. Take A Few Extra Bags With You

Most people forget to take a few empty bags with them, like totes, nylon bags and zip locks. But you invariably need them for storing dirty clothes, underwear, or empty snack packages. They don’t take up much space and weight, but come in handy.


10. Leave A Little Space

It may sound weird at first, but you’ll probably need it. Wherever you go, you almost always buy a souvenir, clothing or something else. However, we often don’t think of this until we start packing to go home, which brings us back to our first point - luggage restrictions on planes that need to be considered.


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Written by: Ella Blunn
Published: 23 October 2019

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