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A roaring success

And so the curtain falls on the first International Travel Mart in Guwahati with Indian officials declaring the event a huge success. Speaking to other foreign delegates, the impression is that... Continue Reading

Dancing Queens

After two days in Guwahati, one thing has become abundantly clear. These people really know how to cut a rug and love doing so. Last night's two hour show was followed today by an even larger and... Continue Reading

Oh what a night

Dancing girls, fashion parades, singing and general frivolity. The first International Travel Mart in Guwahati certainly kicked off in spectacular style last night...albeit a little late. (I am... Continue Reading

Oh Calcutta!

Just spent a truly mesmerising day exploring Calcutta (or Kolkata, as it is now called). I've always believed that sight-seeing in India is unlike anywhere else in the world and Calcutta is no... Continue Reading