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Discovering Rotorua

Until recently all I knew about Rotorua was its reputation for bubbling pools of mud and a rather noxious sulphurous smell. That is, until a recent famil took me across the Tasman where I found a... Continue Reading

East Kimberley Famil

Our group were lucky enough to visit the unique and pristine East Kimberley, kindly hosted by Skywest Airlines and Australia’s North West Tourism. Kununurra, aptly named “meeting of big... Continue Reading

The spirit of Aloha

The ‘spirit of Aloha’ that's said to be within all Hawaiians was felt as soon as we embarked on our flight from Sydney. The professionalism of the crew was a compliment to the airlines... Continue Reading

5 days in Honkers

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Flight Centre (FC) recently rewarded us with four exciting nights in Hong Kong. We shopped our way around the city’s malls and markets, tried our hands at... Continue Reading