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Perfect Holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania is a place to be visited by all who love nature and wildlife.

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, with its spectacular landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. It has been called “the last great wilderness” because it still contains large tracts of pristine rainforests, savannas, and lakes. The country also offers some of the best safari experiences in the world.

Going on vacation often means you want an opportunity to escape your current cold environment. Or, you're excited about trying out some new restaurants in a new location. People may not immediately think about the weather and food when traveling. However, you should. You'll be able to try delicious dishes from the region. Additionally, you can appreciate the warmth of the sunshine. Visiting a Tanzania safari is simply the remedy you require for those tired of a long winter.


The best time to visit Tanzania

If you plan to visit Tanzania, you must consider the climate throughout the year. We've summarized it as follows:


This is the rainy season for much of the country. If you are looking for favorable weather, this is probably not the time to go. However, if you are interested in seeing the animals, this is a perfect time.

March – April

This is the dry season, which lasts until May. During this period, the temperature is warm, but the humidity is low.

May – June

During these months, the rains have stopped, and the temperatures are high. Many tourists will come to enjoy the hot weather this time of year.


These are the hottest months of the year. Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). This is the peak tourist season, so expect to see many other visitors.

September – October

These are the most incredible months of the year. There is more rainfall than usual during this time.

November - December

December is the start of the rainy season again. Expect heavy downpours throughout the month.

As you go on a safari, you will likely encounter all kinds of scenic landscapes and views in the area. You'll also be able to observe wild animals in their natural habitats. Fewer people get the opportunity to do that. Seeing wildlife where they're found is a different experience from visiting a zoo or another kind of such environment. You get to see them in their daily lives, and you may be inspired to pursue your dreams from this trip.

Where to stay in Tanzania

Photo by Med J

When you travel to Tanzania, you need to find accommodation that meets your needs. Whether traveling solo or with friends and family, you must ensure a comfortable stay. Here's where to stay in Tanzania:

1. Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and the capital of the Tanzanian Coast Region. It is located on the Indian Ocean coast and is known as the “city of mosques."

2. Arusha

Arusha is the second-largest city in Tanzania and lies near Mount Meru. It is famous for being the starting point of the legendary Kilimanjaro Safaris.

3. Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean and is well known for its beaches and diving.

4. Mbeya

Mbeya is the third-largest city in Tanzania. It is located in the country's central part, close to Lake Victoria.

5. Tanga

Tanga, the fourth-largest city in Tanzania, is located on the Indian Ocean coast.

6. Dodoma

Dodoma is the capital of the nation of Tanzania. It is also the largest city in East Africa.

7. Iringa

Iringa is one of the smallest cities in Tanzania. It is located in the center of the country and is home to the famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Thinking of traveling to this beautiful pearl of Africa?

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Published: 1 February 2022

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