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Proof that travel makes you hot

So there’s this guy. He’s attractive, has a decent job, but he has very little interest in travelling. His identical twin also has a decent job but travels regularly. All things being equal, who do you choose?



Accord to findings from Compare Travel Insurance, those who list travel as an interest in their dating profiles are considered to be more attractive. 


It’s hardly surprising. A history of travel (and even just the desire to travel) can reveal that you’re open to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Who wants to spend all their weekends at home?


It doesn’t even matter what type of traveller you are. Whether you like to discover the world through guided tours, or head off on solo trips, you’re already way more attractive than those that don’t travel. And those who prefer more adventurous destinations and experiences are even more desirable! 


 Compare Travel Insurance also found that:

  • Adventurous travellers were named the most alluring by 23%;
  • 96% of travel lovers search for an adventurous partner; and
  • 52% of people said they are more inclined to have a one night stand on vacation than at home


Natalie Ball from says:  “If you’re inspired by these attractive stats and plan to impress on your next holiday, remember to keep your risks low. It’s worth bearing in mind that drunken antics and messy behaviour won’t add to your mysterious allure. Stay calm and take out travel insurance. When you’re covered, you can feel confident, carefree and captivating.”


Ready for some passion? Get packing! Whether it’s time for true love or a whirlwind romance, a holiday could be just the ticket!


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Published: 12 February 2019

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