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Quiz winner announced

Agent takes home $100 prize

We had another great response to our Traveltease quiz, sponsored by our friends at Scenic. The lucky winner of the $100 Myer e-gift voucher was Gwyneth Liu of AGL Travel in Mt Kuring-gai in New South Wales. There's still time to win another $100 voucher in our current quiz, sponsored by Wendy Wu.

Here are the answers to the Scenic quiz:


Which Scenic Freechoice activity can guests select from in Budapest during a European river cruise?

d. All of the above


With which country is this breed of dog associated?

c. Germany


In which English county will you find Stonehenge?

a. Wiltshire


Which country just hosted the latest round of the Formula One championship?

c. Singapore


Which of these countries does not contain part of the Kalahari Desert?

d. Zimbabwe


What is the nickname given to the cooling afternoon breeze that affects Western Australia?

b. The Fremantle Doctor


In which city will a new Louvre museum open in November?

a. Abu Dhabi


On which island would you find these statues?

c. Easter Island


United will launch a new direct flight from Sydney to which U.S. city next year?

d. Houston


What is the name of the five-star ship found on Scenic’s South East Asian Mekong sailings?

b. Scenic Spirit


Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 6 October 2017

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