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Revealed: the top ten emerging hotspots for Aussie travellers

The places to see before it’s too late

While destinations like Thailand, Bali, NZ and UK will hold their allure with Australian travellers, there’s no denying the movement away from some of our favourite locales to more off-the-beaten-path destinations. It’s only natural. Like when your favorite band gets ‘discovered’ - it almost feels like it’s time to move on (even if you give your old faves a spin every now and then). 




After analyzing millions of searches from its database, has revealed Aussies’ hottest ‘new’ destinations - or more precisely, the spots that have seen the biggest increases in interest from travellers. 


To keep it fresh, the travel site looked outside of the top 30 most-searched spots and focused on the lesser-known luminaries. 


In its 2018 ‘Better-Now-Than-Later’ report, it found Asia dominated the highest trending destinations among Australians, with Kochi (India, +153% YoY), Kathmandu (Nepal, +119%), Phnom Penh (Cambodia, +105%) and Cebu (Philippines, +105%) all experiencing triple-digit growth in searches over 2017. 


Japan’s second largest city, Osaka also cracked the the top ten for growth (+75%). Beyond East and South Asia, the historically significant cities of Cairo (Egypt, +90%), Istanbul, (Turkey, +88) and Beirut  (Lebanon, +77%) showed strong increases, while Berlin and Munich (both Germany, +72%) flew the flag for Europe.




With two in three (64%) APAC travellers choosing new destinations each time they travel, it’s clear travellers need to get in early to beat the crowds.


“Famous cities are magnets to tourists but there are many other worthwhile destinations that merit a place in your year-end and 2019 travel wishlist,” KAYAK APAC regional director Robin Chiang said. 


“KAYAK looked through its travel data and created this report to encourage travellers to discover some other, less talked-about destinations that are currently trending. 


“From this year’s results, it’s clear that more Aussie travellers are willing to travel further outside their usual favourites, to discover places in India, Nepal and Lebanon.”


Where are the destinations you are seeing most growth? And what new spot is on your radar?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 October 2018

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