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Safety measures to take at home before travelling

gobox Mobile Storage Manager RENEE WAINWRIGHT outlines the steps all travellers should make before leaving their house for a long time.

While the coronavirus pandemic has led to the Australian government restricting international trips, there’s nothing stopping many Aussies from travelling in their own backyard. 



Yes, you may not be able to take a dip in the pristine beaches in the Caribbean or be mesmerised by the pyramids in Egypt, but Australia still has PLENTY to offer, from crystal-clear beaches and vast deserts to buzzing metropolises. 


But before you head out on your voyage of discovery, you’ll need to take certain safety measures at home to ensure it is in the same condition when you come back. 


Let your neighbours know you will be gone 

There are many perks of befriending a neighbour – and having them look after your place when you are not around definitely tops the list. 

There is bound to be something you forget to do to due to all the excitement around your trip or just from packing. By having your neighbour check in on the house now and then, you’ll give the impression that your house is lived in, even though it isn’t.  


Keep your valuable items tucked away in a reliable storage space

Whilst away, you’ll want to make sure all valuable items such as jewellery, art, and luxury items are stored away safely. In order to do this, you’ll need a space that is big enough to store your items and secure enough to keep them safe. 

With this in mind, you could consider getting a mobile storage unit. This will not only protect your valuables from burglars, but also keep it safe from damage due to any natural events or accidents that may happen while you are gone. 


Make it appear as if you’ve never left

It’s easy for burglars to identify a home that is left unattended; there are numerous telling signs such as the lights always being off, excess mail in the mailbox, and a pile of newspapers in the yard. 

But there are measures you can take to make your home appear like it is still occupied, such as:

  • Installing lights with timers – setting them so they turn on as the sun sets, and turn off when it is time to sleep. 
  • Asking your local post office to hold all your mail until you are back.
  • Notifying your newspaper delivery service that you want to hold off on their services for the period you are away. 
  • (If you have a yard) Mowing the lawn before you go, so the grass doesn’t appear to be neglected and overgrown. 

Take all the measures you can to ensure your home appears lived in. 



Lock up before your trip

You would be surprised at how many homeowners end up forgetting to lock all entry points of their home due to the stressful state they are in before a trip.  

So make sure that every entry point into your home is closed and properly locked. This includes windows, doors, and cat and dog doors. This way you make your home less inviting for burglars. 

Taking proper safety measures will ensure your home remains intact while you explore Australia. The last thing you want while you’re away is to constantly stress over the safety of your house and its contents.


About the author: With years of experience, gobox Mobile Storage Manager Renee Wainwright provides customised and tailored mobile storage solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customers’ storage and moving needs.




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Written by: Renee Wainwright
Published: 16 September 2020

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