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Seven best places to go wine tasting in Australia

Combine your next getaway with a little wine tasting with this short guide on the country's best wine regions

While some people identify the best quality wines with western Europe, California, and increasingly South America and even South Africa, it’s easy to forget that Australia also has a large share of the global wine market. 



Let's start with the fact that this country is blessed with one of the best grape-growing conditions in the world. The Australian climate allows for a vast production of fleshy, super-ripe fruit wines that have become internationally renowned. Consequently, the UK and US markets are increasingly filled with bottles coming from Australia.


With the growing popularity of wine drinking culture, many companies, such as Acker Wines, decide to take people a bit deeper into viticulture. Some wine tasting events have even become attractions in themselves, with the chance to taste mulitple high-quality beverages, talk with professionals and witness production processes. 


Australia has over 60 designated wine regions. Here are seven of the best:


McLaren Vale


McLaren Vale, SA

Among Aussie wine regions, McLaren Vale is one of the finest. It's mostly famous for Shiraz, as well as an ultra-premium production of grenache and cabernet. But you can also find many Mediterranean types, such as Tempranillo, Fiano or Vermentino. 

Besides a great wine tasting experience, McLaren Vale also provides customers with delicious local fare. And don't forget to do a little sightseeing while you’re here. With over 30 kilometres of coastline, there are some beautiful beaches where you can enjoy drinking a glass or two.  


Yarra Valley, Victoria

Just east of Melbourne, Yarra Valley boasts more than 300 vineyards and over 160 wineries.

Victoria’s premier grape-growing region is located in a cool climate, which allows it to produce many classic styles of vino from a wide range of varieties. So, conditions are perfect for creating sparkling chardonnay and aromatic cabernet sauvignon, as well as shiraz and pinot noir. 



Barossa Valley, South Australia 

Shaped by Germans in the 1840s and containing some of the oldest vines down under, the Barossa Valley lies east of Adelaide and is undoubtedly one of the most popular wine regions in the country. 

The climate in this part of Australia is rather dry and warm, creating the right conditions for such grapes as shiraz, chardonnay, semillon, cabernet sauvignon, and riesling. There are more than 150 wineries here.


Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Another fantastic wine region, with some 200 vineyards, is the Mornington Peninsula.

"... the region has built a global reputation for producing a range of fine wines, complementing its long-standing reputation as a seaside playground perfectly thanks to its beaches, calm bays, natural beauty, and world-class golf courses", claim the experts from Wine Australia about the region.

The area is exposed to bodies of water that cool the climate, but thanks to surrounding hills, vineyards are safe from the damaging wind.

In the Mornington Penisula, you can try some excellent pinot noir and chardonnay, along with shiraz and cabernet sauvignon.


Hunter Valley


Hunter Valley, NSW

Definitely one of the best wine tasting regions in Australia, the Hunter Valley has the oldest vineyards in Australia, which date back to the 1820s.

Two-hours drive north of Sydney, the Hunter is also a great family destination full of gorgeous landscapes and wonderful experiences. And if you're looking for some more entertainment, the region is famous for its annual Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival. 

The best-known wine varieties in the Hunter Valley are chardonnay, shiraz, and semillon.


Coonawarra, SA

An Aboriginal word meaning "Honeysuckle", Coonawarra is a region located on the Limestone Coast bordering Victoria.

Grapevines here grow on terra-rossa soil, which make good conditions for shiraz wines, and a great environment for cabernet sauvignon production. In fact, Coonawarra is considered the home of Australia's best ‘cab sauvs’.

If you are a wine enthusiast, this spot should definitely be on your must-see list.


Margaret River, WA

With over 5,000 hectares of grapevine and 215 wineries, Margaret River is an essential area for overall wine production in Australia.

The climate is often compared to Bordeaux, France, because of the ocean breezes and sandy soils. 

This combination makes Margaret River suitable for cabernet sauvignon production, as well as shiraz and SSB blends and famous chardonnays.


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Published: 14 July 2020

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