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Strange laws every traveller should know about

The world is diverse, and what is OK in Paris, might be banned in Malaysia. In order to keep your travels free from unnecessary stress, the team at Smart Lemur has collected some of the weirdest laws from around the world. Here are just some of them:



1. Wearing high heels is against the law in ancient sites of Greece

In 2009, Greece introduced a ban on shoes with high heels at important archeological sites, since high heels can damage monuments. Make sure you leave your stilettos at home when heading to the temple of Aphrodite! You can choose your travel shoes from this list of stylish and comfy travel shoe list. 


2. It’s forbidden run out of gas on the Autobahn in Germany

German Autobahn is known for having no speed limit - however, it's illegal to stop unnecessarily on the Autobahn – so you can’t run out of gas. Otherwise, you risk a fine of $100. 


3. Western men's hairstyles are not allowed in Iran

In 2010, Iran's authorities introduced a law against Western men’s hairstyles - it's illegal for men to walk on the streets of Iran wearing ponytails, mullets, and other long hairstyles. 


4. It’s against the law to wear yellow clothing in Malaysia

This one comes with a caveat ... in 2016, the Malaysian government banned yellow clothing after anti-government protests. During the protests, thousands of people wearing yellow T-shirts flooded the streets and demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister. Since then, anyone wearing yellow can be arrested, assuming they are protesting the government. 



5. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore

If you're a chewing gum lover, you might forget it when you're in Singapore. The cleanest city in the world has a strict ban on chewing gum imports since 1992. This means you aren't allowed to import and use chewing gum inside Singapore. Wondering what is the penalty? Not a symbolic one to say at least. Fines are up to $100,000 or even a prison sentence! So better check your backpack before that long-awaited flight to this island country in Southeast Asia.


6. Jogging in Burundi might mean jail time

In 2014, Burundi's president Pierre Nkurunziza decided that jogging is a subversive protest against his government. There will be no joggers on the beautiful beaches of Burundi for quite some time. Generally, visiting Burundi is currently not advisable due to the unstable political situation. 


7. Stepping on cash is not allowed in Thailand

If you dropped some Thai money, at least try not to step on it. This would be illegal in Thailand -  the Thai baht has images of the King of Thailand, who is deeply respected. Try to keep all your cash in your walled when visiting the country, and you will be fine.


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Do you know of any weird laws overseas, or even within Australia?


Published: 4 October 2018

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