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Talking Travel 2023 Recap

Relax back and enjoy our podcasts for 2023

Traveltalk's Podcast 'Talking Travel' offers a captivating journey into the world of travel, showcasing a diverse range of topics that intrigue and educate listeners.

Each episode delves into unique aspects of travel, featuring interviews with experts and insiders from various sectors of the industry.

From the impact of natural disasters on global tourism and the allure of Canada's seasonal transformations to the evolution of luxury hotels and the vibrant world of cruise ship entertainment, 'Talking Travel' covers it all.

The podcast also explores the rich heritage of Australia's Indigenous tourism, the dynamic changes in European rail travel, and much more, providing listeners with an immersive and enlightening experience into the vast and varied world of travel.

So sit back with a glass of eggnog and listen to 2023's Talking Travel.


Links to each episode below:

AFTA & Intrepid

In the premiere episode of Talking Travel, hosts Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon speak to AFTA CEO Dean Long and Intrepid Travel GM of Sales and Partnerships, Yvette Thompson. Topics include the recovery of travel, AFTA’s upcoming ‘Women in Travel Summit’ and much more.

The Last Tourist

Join Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon as we chat to The Last Tourist’s Executive Producer, Bruce Poon Tip and Director, Tyson Sadler, about their experience making the documentary and the change they’d like to inspire in the world’s tourists.

Better Homes & Gardens

Joining Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon on this episode are two of the show’s presenters – host Johanna Griggs and ‘Garden Guru’ Graham Ross – to share just a taste of their incredible adventures around the world. We discuss their favourite places, personal travel highlights, embarrassing moments and even find out which countries they have yet to add to their extensive global adventures.

Travellers Tales

Most people would agree that creating lifelong memories is the best part of travelling the world. The sights we see, the people we meet and the experiences we enjoy are imprinted in our psyche and soul to be joyfully shared countless times with friends and family.

As culpable as travel agents are in helping us to create these memories, they’re no strangers to their own unique experiences, which Flight Centre is now turning into a YouTube series called ‘This One Time’.

On this episode of Talking Travel, Jon and Matt talk to Flight Centre’s Global Head of Marketing, Clint Hearne, to learn about the series and its objectives as a marketing tool. Also in this episode, we hear a few hilarious tales from other Flight Centre agents, and share some of our own.

Visit Britain

On this episode of Talking Travel, we explore the booming popularity of the UK with VisitBritain Australia and New Zealand Country Manager, Maria Sykes, and discuss the best ways to move about the country with Rail Online CEO, James Dunne.

Nurturing The Next Generation Of Travel Professional

On this episode of Talking Travel, we assess all sides of the educational equation as we chat to Lindsay Campbell, one TAFE NSW student who has just begun her path to success in cruising in a CLIA-backed course.

We’re also joined by cruise and travel expert and iTravel award-winning advisor, Megan Catterall, who is training and developing Lindsay through hands-on experience during her study. Finally, we find out from CLIA Australasia Head of Training, Peter Kollar how CLIA is supporting students like Lindsay and agents like Megan to nurture the next generation of stars.

The Ongoing Rise Of European High-Speed Rail

The environmental benefits of travelling by train have never been more front-of-mind after France became the catalyst by banning passenger flights between cities that a train can link in 2.5 hours or less. Other nations and investors are watching closely as various new passenger trends emerge.

To discuss these trends and much more, we’re joined in this episode by Rail Europe General Manager Australia, Richard Leonard, and Eurail Research Analyst, Jody Bauer, who will share their vision on how European high-speed rail will evolve and how Australians can maximise their adventures by train with new-look tickets and fares.

The Love Of The Job

In this episode of Talking Travel, we celebrate two of the legends of the Australian travel industry – Michelle Everson from Jamison Travel in Canberra and Trevor Jones of Hawthorn Travel in Melbourne.

Together, Michelle and Trevor share a professional lineage of 80 years in this industry and in that time, have amassed a world of amazing stories, wisdom and experience that will inspire generations who follow in their footsteps.

Indigenous Tourism Dreamtime

With a history spanning over 65,000 years, Australia’s Indigenous tourism offers a profound and immersive journey into the rich cultural tapestry of its ancient land.

Indigenous tourism in Australia is a unique opportunity for travellers to engage with vibrant cultures and gain insight into ancient spiritual beliefs, practices and contemporary contributions. Indigenous tourism promises an authentic and transformative experience, fostering a deeper understanding of Australia’s remarkable heritage.

Economically, Australia’s native stories are key drivers of its international tourism narrative, with visitors both domestic and overseas eager to engage with modern interpretations of these compelling stories.

Cruise Ship Entertainment

On this episode of Talking Travel, we chat to entertainment impresarios Shane Riley from Virgin Voyages and Carnival Australia Director of Entertainment, Jeremy Barnes, to find out more about what travellers can expect for their after-dinner entertainment on their next cruise holiday.

A New Approach To Luxury

Travel seems to be one of the only things not being sacrificed in a cost-of-living crunch. In fact, travellers are going the other way – devoting more of their money to seeing the world and experiencing the finer things in life, even for only a few days or weeks at a time.

In this episode of Talking Travel, we chat to two leading Melbourne luxury hoteliers to find out just how far the envelope has been pushed, and can be pushed, to ensure each guest leaves with a smile on their face.

A Canadian Wonderland

Whether you’re indulging in this winter action or crossing the country to explore the classic architecture and French flair in the east, you’re guaranteed a memorable holiday as Canada delivers time after time, making it one of the most popular and repeat destinations for Australian travellers year after year.

On this episode of Talking Travel, we’re digging deep into not just the snow but all that Canadian culture with Nathan McLoughlin from Destination Canada and Vic Naughton from Air Canada.

The Tourism Lifeline

For some parts of the world, the festive season brings no cause for celebration thanks to devastating acts of Mother Nature that literally rocked their world.

Horrific earthquakes this year in Turkey, Syria and Morocco are just two examples of how nature can deliver such pain and anguish. And for those who have nothing left, the page turns to 2024 and hopes that life can be rebuilt.

One such catalyst that provides so much help is the global tourism industry, in two ways. First, initial fundraising helps to generate immediate assistance to those affected by such heartache. But secondly, travellers return to affected countries and spend their money with local businesses, rebuilding livelihoods and putting food back on their table.

In this episode of Talking Travel, we chat to two people who work closely to ensure both of these are delivered to broken communities cleaning up from upended lives – Biheng Zhang from The Intrepid Foundation and Dennis Bunnik from Bunnik Tours.




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Published: 20 December 2023

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