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The $10 hack to ensure you get a decent plane sleep

Given that we’ll be likely trying to avoid eating on planes for the near future, passing the time with a good mid-flight snooze is crucial. But given we’re still in a pandemic, you don’t want to end up resting on a not-so-clean surface (or seat mate). 


We’ve all tried travel pillows at one time or another, but many people don’t find them sturdy enough to keep our heads upright. 



So Los Angeles-based vlogger Hello Kristen came up with what she declares to be “one of the best ideas of [her] life".


In a now-viral TikTok clip, she said that after having purchased five travel neck pillows, all of which did not help her comfort and sleep, she wanted something that did.


"I wished something would hold my neck in place, something like a neck brace," she said.


Those two words were her "epiphany".


"Why not just buy a neck brace?" 


So Kristen shelled out a whopping US$7 (about AU$10) on a neck brace.


"When you lay back, your neck isn't going anywhere."


While Kristen says you can cover the neck brace with scarves, you could always milk it for a little sympathy from fellow passengers. 


And a neck brace may be useful on your journeys. Think about that time you almost got whiplash in a New York cab...



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Published: 13 October 2021

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