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The best true outdoor spots for an adventure vacation

Best places to go in Australia and Canada

As the world slowly and tentatively opens back up post-Covid, you, like millions of other people, may be itching to go out and visit the great outdoors. We have all been cooped up under lockdowns and restrictions, and seeing the same walls and screens all day everyday for the last few years has made many people unable to satisfy their thirst for adventure.


There is good news, however, because tourism is gradually coming back to life, and many countries are relaxing restrictions. So what are the best places to visit safely, where people with a love of nature and freedom can go? This article will look at some of the best Places to visit in Australia and Canada.



Banff National Park, Canada

Banff is one of the most popular National parks in Canada that is on practically everyone’s bucket list for good reason. The park’s craggy mountains are unquestionably the primary attraction in the heart of the Rockies. The bluer-than-blue waters of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake also attract park visitors’ attention. There are numerous camping opportunities, ranging from harsh backcountry campsites to fully maintained campgrounds close to Banff, with easy access to restaurants, shopping, and even spas.


Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort

Whistler, British Columbia’s ski resort, is one of the world’s largest, greatest, and most well-known. The best thing about Whistler is that it accepts surfers and snowboarders of all skill levels. However, if those activities are not adrenaline filled enough for you, you can take it a step further and try zip lining. The zip line route takes you through snow-capped trees. The resort boasts over 8,100 acres of snow-covered slopes, 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers, world-class terrain parks, and over 200 defined trails.


The Oodnadatta Track, Australia

On a five-day muster down the Oodnadatta Track, one of Australia’s most evocative stock paths, experience the true essence of rural Australia. On horseback, you’ll go through harsh terrain and camp at Anna Creek Station. Anna Creek, said to be the world’s largest cattle station, spans 5 and a half million acres, an area larger than Belgium. This arduous excursion will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good adventure and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. It is not necessary to have prior horseback riding experience.


Fraser Island, Australia

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and located off the coast of Southeast Queensland, Fraser Island offers one of Australia’s most distinctive 4WD experiences. Cruising down 75 Mile Beach, the planet’s biggest sand island’s seemingly infinite stretch of wave-thrashed shore, is an amazing experience. This is a great family adventure vacation. Stop by the rusty hulls of the Maheno shipwreck, evade dingos on the beach, and explore the Cathedrals’ red-streaked cliffs. You may jolt through subtropical jungle to beautiful streams and azure lakes on the inland trails. Fishing, mountain biking, birding, hiking, and swimming are all popular activities, and lodging options include the opulent Kingfisher Bay Resort as well as apartments and bush-fringed campsites.


Australia and Canada share many similarities,  both are very large in physical size and have relatively small populations, meaning that there are massive expanses of the great outdoors and not much else.


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Published: 23 March 2022

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