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The consumer travel trends to watch

These are the most pertinent trends that are influencing holiday decisions in 2018

For any business involved in the travel and tourism industry, it’s essential to keep up with the trending activities of holidaymakers so that you can make your product or service attractive to them. Some trends are cyclical and tend to follow a pattern, especially when based around a season. Others can be more fleeting and unpredictable.


One market that has blossomed in recent years is that of low-cost travel. With holidaymakers still feeling the pinch of the global economic crisis a few years ago, all-inclusive package trips remain a popular option as the perfect blend of a luxurious trip and a relatively cut-price holiday, especially amongst young families.


Another niche which has sprouted of late is budget, long-haul travel, with the likes of Scoot and Norwegian offering longer distance flights and putting up some competition to established operators. This has proved particularly popular among those seeking destinations that offer better currency exchange rates and less crowded tourist spots.


That said, consumers are still willing to go large on once-in-a-lifetime experience holidays. Next month, thousands of people will descend on Russia for the FIFA World Cup, soaking up the unique atmosphere of this wonderful global spectacle.


If sport isn’t your thing, you might get your kicks from travelling to a world-famous theme park such as one of the numerous Disney parks across the globe.


This infographic from Irish hotel The Europe examines a few of the most pertinent consumer travel trends that are influencing holiday decisions in 2018; you can find out more about each of these below:


Published: 16 May 2018

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