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The most common taxi scams Aussies face abroad

How to avoid losing bags, paying too much or taking the 'scenic' route

From meter mischief, route rip offs and luggage losses, Southern Cross Travel Insurance has identified the most common taxi scams Aussie travellers experience abroad.



1. Meter mischief

When you board a taxi, always be sure to pay close attention to the meter reading. If the amount displayed before you start your trip seems excessive, your driver may be using a night time or holiday fare. Alternatively, you may notice your fare price jumps substantially at one point in your journey. In this case, the meter may be rigged. Deceitful drivers may also claim their meter is broken, or conceal it, and then ask for an excessive fare.


2. Route rip offs

Drivers taking an unnecessarily long route to get the maximum fare is a common taxi scam around the world. Most of the time this scam is designed to have you sit in traffic, or clock up a few extra kilometres so you pay a higher fare. However, sometimes taking a scenic route can leave you in more danger. Taxis and tuk tuks in Southeast Asia have been known to stop in secluded locations and demand valuables, leaving passengers in a dangerous and vulnerable position.


3. Luggage losses

Losing your luggage overseas has to be one of the most frustrating and upsetting things to happen while travelling.

At every moment of travelling, it’s so important that you treat your luggage like you would treat your wallet or your phone. So ask yourself, would you place your wallet in the boot of a taxi while you stand on the sidewalk? Some drivers simply drive away while you load your bags into the boot. More calculated plans include having an accomplice steal your bags while the driver distracts you. When you notice your bags have vanished, the driver offers their insincere condolences.


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Published: 2 February 2017

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