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The new travel co. Aussie agents need to know

You may not have heard too much about an Australian company called Tripfuser…but all that is about to change. Retail agents will soon be able to take advantage of what this tailored travel company has to offer. Here, we talk to founder Matt Beard.



What gave you the idea for Tripfuser?

I worked at Intrepid Travel for about 10 years and what I saw more and more over that time was that people were looking for personalised travel and many wanted to steer away from group tours.


So how does it work?

We have a library of trips that give people ideas of what to do and where to go. They can then begin to tailor a trip, either using an existing itinerary and amending it as they want, or start designing a trip from scratch.

Travellers can connect directly with our local operators on the ground via an in-platform chat. These local travel agents work through the planning process with the traveller to the point where they are ready to book and then our secure platform takes care of the booking. It’s a one-stop shop for everything to do with booking.

There are no contracts, no lock in fees, it’s free to use, free to plan and instantly bookable.


I believe you’ve got some exciting news for Aussie agents?

We have just created a retail travel agent module to enable them to create tailored travel solutions for their clients working directly with our local agents in destination. 

It has been structured as a white label solution with the Tripfuser branding stripped away, which enables the retail agent to control the presentation, naming and pricing of the trip. Effectively, it is an itinerary solution from the retail agent, presented by them to their clients.




Do agents have access to all your services?

The inbuilt chat function is accessible to retail agents so they can speak directly to local agents on the ground to structure trips. Tripfuser also provides 24 -hour business day support for agents if they need any assistance.

In addition to this, our platform is instantly bookable so the entire trip can be booked through one payment to Tripfuser and we’ll disperse the money to the local agents on the ground.


Was it important to you to involve travel agents?

We are very supportive of travel agents. We are automatically giving them net pricing on the platform so they get a discounted rate to that of the consumer. This means if a consumer comes to us directly they won’t be able to source a better price than going through a retail agent.

We’ve seen a growing shift towards personalised travel and a lot of consumers are going to agents for that type of experience. We believe Tripfuser is essentially an easy to use platform to help travel agents do a really great job.


How do you see the company growing?

We’re starting to get a really large footprint around the world. We’re through Asia, Africa and starting to move up through southern Europe. So our footprint will start to expand through the rest of Europe and the Americas as well.


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Written by: MATT BEARD as told to JON UNDERWOOD
Published: 18 October 2018

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