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The top five places to experience wildlife

Feeling the animal attraction with National Geographic

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S wildlife photos and films are so moving they can stop you in your tracks.
On the other hand, National Geographic’s top five ‘Wildlife Expeditions’ get you up close and personal with some of the world’s most secretive and elusive animals.



With the help of National Geographic wildlife experts, these tours offer a new, exciting and informative experience which is always safe for both the animals and people.


Whether you’re following the silverback gorillas through tall jungles in Africa or marvelling at the orangutans and Malayan sun bears in Borneo, these five life-changing trips will challenge, inspire and educate you.



Set sail and explore the frozen beauty of Antarctica. Start your journey crossing the world's most unforgettable sea crossing, The Drake Passage, and look out for albatrosses and cape petrels as you make your way towards the White Continent.

There you will encounter the Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins as well as seals and seabirds. Keep your eyes out for humpback whales as a National Geographic Expert guide leads you through information sessions covering wildlife, history, geopolitics, great explorers and the environmental
protection of the area.




The wilds of Borneo have to be seen to be believed. The misty mountains and rainforests abound with some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet.

Journey into the jungle interiors of Sarawak and Sabah, search for pygmy elephants, gibbons, and langurs in the Danum Valley Conservation Area or visit the Sepilok Forest Reserve and Orangutan Sanctuary and learn how saved orangutans are re-adjusting to the wild. 



If you’ve ever wanted to see a silverback gorilla in the wild, this is the expedition for you. Explore the Volcanoes National Park, trekking through the mountain jungles in search for the endangered silverback gorilla with an experienced guide. 

Talk with the resident researcher at the Karisoke Research Centre about their ongoing work protecting the mountain gorillas before visiting a nearby local village to experience rural Africa.




Discover raw natural beauty as you cruise between the ice shelves of Greenland and experience the rugged mountains and floating shelves.

Look out for colonies of bearded seals frolicking in the wild landscape or spot orcas and whales in the pristine open ocean.

If you’re lucky enough you may even spot a polar bear or two around the coast.



If you’re a bird lover, Costa Rica is the destination for you. Spot quetzals, tanagers, macaws, toucans, spectacled owls and hummingbirds on a bird-watching expedition through the central highlands and into the coastal jungle. Then retire to your lodgings to compare bird lists as the sun sets over Costa Rica.



When you travel with National Geographic, you support the National Geographic Society's researchers and explorers who work to preserve, protect and advance their understanding of the planet and its people.


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Written by: Traveltalk Magazine
Published: 6 January 2019

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