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The travel experts’ guide to travelling in the new world

That travel will be more complex in the future thanks to that c word of a virus is a given. Here, we get top tips from travel agents and travel experts on how to make the whole experience less vile.




Many attractions in Australia, let alone overseas, now only sell tickets in advance online. So prepare your travels with a little more focus on the nitty gritty, says Traveltalk’s Mark Harada. 


“While I still want a passport extension for the 18 months of its lack of use, I also have loads of family and friends overseas and like to have my passport ready to go in case of emergencies,” he said.


According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, while passport services are operating normally in Australia, there are delays to Australia Post delivery services, so just keep that mind. 



Lauren Doyle, president of boutique travel agency The Travel Mechanic, a member of Ensemble Travel Group, suggests getting to the airport at least two to three hours before boarding, News+ reported.


And remember, dining options are limited, so BYO. 



Doyle also recommends cutting back on all that extra baggage. Stick to neutral clothing, layers and accessories to dress up what you’ve got.



Want to wade through all the legal requirements to travel in all the places you want to go while still scoring the best value flights and accommodation to get you to where you want to be while doing what your want to do? Probably not. Instead, consult a travel agent. Look at what they're doing without pay for Aussies now. Imagine what they'll do for you when the world opens up.



The world is only just opening up and the travel industry, hit as hard as it has been is understaffed. Some things may not be open when you want so adjust your expectations accordingly. 


"Travel is most exciting and rewarding when it requires you to ad-lib, be spontaneous, and use your imagination to conquer surprise challenges," travel writer and TV host Rick Steves said. 


"I like to make an art out of taking the unexpected in stride — and by doing so, I’ve gained lots of new friends and fond memories along the way."

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Published: 1 August 2021

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