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The world’s five cheapest countries to explore

No big budget? No worries, with these inexpensive but incredible destinations.

Extending your travel time, upgrading to better accommodation and going on more adventures can all be possible without breaking your bank account. 


The experts in travel, The Global Work & Travel Co. have put together a list of inexpensive destinations so you can travel smarter and have an awesome experience at the same time.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


- Vietnam 

Trade in your typical Bali holiday for memories in Vietnam. Between natural regions and a modern urban scene, this area of Asia has everything you need. 

Junk boat tours and sea kayaks will take you through the natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, known for its emerald waters, rainforests and limestone islands. 

Add a thrill-seeking adventure with hiking or rock climbing at Cát  National Park nearby. 

Down south is the vibrant Ho Chi Minh Cityknown for its pivotal role in the Vietnam War. This bustling city is filled with markets, history and glamorous day spas for the ultimate pampering sessions

For better temperatures and lighter rainfall, be sure visit Vietnam in spring or autumn. 



- India

India is full of organised chaos, cuisine and culture. Although it will take weeks to explore this massive country, your bank account won’t mind because it is so cheap!

On the south bank of the Yamuna River sits the iconic Taj Mahal, a luxurious marble mausoleum in the city of Agra. This piece of history is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, admired for its enormous beauty.

All sights are magical, ranging from towering mountains in the north to tropical rainforests in the south.

Quality hotels can be found for $18 per night, complimented by authentic Indian banquets starting at only $7.

The liveliness that India has to offer is best seen between October and March. 


Agra, India


- Thailand

Thailand is a desirable destination for Australian travellerswhich has been growing in popularity over the last decade.

Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are the three must see southern islands for hot waters, beautiful corals and diversified sea life.

Contemporary and clean hotels in Thailand start from only $25 per night, along with delicious meals for $9.

The tropical islands, busy cities and inexpensivedaily costs make Thailand one of the most valuable holiday locations.

This spot is suitable to visit all year round, perfect for families and working Australians who are looking for a tropical escape.


- Guatemala 

When the volcanos in Guatemala become dormant again, you will want to take a trip to see all that this Central American beauty has to offer.

Attractions range from tropical forests to serene lakes and Mayan Ruins that are full of mystery.

$17 can feed you for an entire day, adding another $17 per night for decent accommodation.

Guatemala is respected for its traditions and friendly locals, so be sure to visit during the dry season which runs from November to April. 


Tikal, Guatemala
- Sri Lanka 

Despite recent events, Sri Lanka has plenty to offer with a unique combination of diverse wildlife, breathtaking beaches, cultural traditions and city life. 

Safari tours are the main attraction as approximately 6,000 elephants roam the Island. Sights of leopards, peacocks, sea turtles and sloth bears are also very common

For a change of scenery, dip your toes into the golden sand known as Unawatuna Beachlined with palm trees and a one-of-a-kind coral reef. 

For those seeking adventure, activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving provide great opportunities to get up close and personal with marine life.

Traveling to Sri Lanka between April and May is best as oceans can reach 30 degrees, giving you the perfect tropical experience.


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Written by: Global Work & Travel Co for TRAVELTALK
Published: 26 April 2019

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