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These guys are ignoring Canada’s border restrictions and nobody cares

Okay Canada, we get it. 


You guys are nice to a fault. But we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and you share a border with the United States. You can no longer allow these guys to disregard the rules. It’s time to toughen up.


But they’re so cute. 


Instagram: @canborder


Despite the US-Canada border being closed since March last year, many animals have completely ignored the signs. Literally. 


Late last year, the Canada Border Service Agency confirmed a fox had crossed the border between Minnesota and Ontario, but admitted it was crossing for “essential purposes” and even “made a full declaration when entering Canada”.


Instagram: @CBSANOR


And then a month later, a bear tried to cross Stewart, B. C. and Hyder,  Alaska. Again, the creature had legitimate reasons, but this time had “no travel documents”.


“After a forceful attempt on its part to cross the border, our officers moved quickly to apprehend and transfer it to the Smithers’ Northern Lights Wildlife Society for the winter,” Border officials said.


Instagram: @canborder


And just this month a family of skunks reportedly kicked up a stink about non-essential travel restrictions before heading back home. 


Instagram: @CanBorderPRA


Someone really should consider building a way, ay?


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Published: 8 March 2021

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