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Tips in Choosing the Right Yacht For Your Next Trip

Summer is just around the corner, and there is no better way to enjoy it than having a yacht trip.

It will be more fun with your family and friends and with the right yacht for charter. In this post, you will find out the different types of yachts for your needs and budget.

Did you know that boating with your loved ones has a positive impact on your body and mind? According to research, the sight of nature brings calm and a happy spirit. It involves the ocean waves, dazzling sunlight, and the fresh air that helps to take away stress.

Moreover, sailing on one of the best yacht charters Whitsundays, or wherever you want to travel, allows you to spend quality time with the people you care about and love the most. On board a luxurious yacht, you can do a lot of activities, including water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The captain and the crew can take care of your needs and take you to any location you can enjoy. All you need to do is relax and appreciate the crystal-clear waters, subtropical climate, and white sandy beaches. Ultimately, these things can give you and your loved ones the perfect sailing trip to remember.

But before everything else, you will need to find your ideal yacht for your next water trip. Hence, when searching for one, the market can recommend two possible options of a yacht to ride on for your coming trip. Each type will provide a variety of features that would benefit your entire trip. Read on to help you pick the right yacht for you.

  1. Sailing Yachts

The first type of yacht is designed with more luxurious qualities. It works best for sailing sports and also cruising with all of the amenities provided. This yacht suits tourists who love to travel under sail which supplies comfortable space for a limited number of guests.

Photo by Karla Car

Three Types of Sailing Yachts

Its design evolves from cruising to racing luxury boats making the yacht more suitable for travel. There are three sailing yachts you can choose from, including catamaran, gulet, and monohull, that are used differently. Preferably, you should be aware of your specific needs along the trip before landing on the right sailing yacht.

  • Catamaran Sailing Yacht

Going to the beach through a sailing yacht is another level of experience you would treasure. One of the common yachts is the catamaran. It has a huge space, specifically two hulls, that can cater to many guests with better comfort. The dining area is perfect for a family occasion as it provides extra room for everyone. It also features a sound system so that you can enjoy your favorite music and even movies while on board.

The yacht is also built with a wide exterior to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Both adults and children can do lots of activities on the deck safe and sound. The outdoor area could again be a perfect place to watch the sky at night.

One more thing that made the catamaran famous is its stability. It is unlike a monohull that causes discomfort whenever it tilts. Therefore, catamaran yachts reduce seasickness. They are available in many sizes with great features to offer, such as air-conditioning, storage space, and excellent rooms.

  • Gulet Sailing Yacht

Another type of sailing yacht is the Gulet. This is smaller than catamaran and monohull and is ideal for a private trip. It usually has not more than eight cabins, enough to accommodate a few guests.

It is popular in Croatia and nearby countries. The price of the boat ranges from standard to a more luxurious type. It additionally comes with a crew to make your trip more relaxing and also safer. The added amenities aim to bring comfort for all the guests, including boarding equipment, bar, and pleasant cabins.

  • Monohull Sailing Yacht

If you want a stylish boat, a monohull yacht is the best choice. It guarantees a unique sailing experience for your next holiday trip. The yacht is easy to control and can respond well to the wind and waves keeping everybody safe. You can book a small or bigger monohull yacht, whichever suits your budget.

However, monohull yachts have smaller outdoor space than the previous yachts. The guests can spend more time in the lounge area with its comfortable and pleasing ambiance.

The advantage of choosing a monohull yacht is it consumes less fuel. Hence, it is a cost-efficient option for those yacht travelers. It delivers a relaxing ride and is perfect for water sports.

  1. Motor Yachts

A motorboat is the second type of yacht that can take you to amazing destinations. It applies for short-period boat trips with all the features necessary for the travel experience. The boat’s features aim for convenience as it brings you from one place to another. It comes with a jacuzzi, spa, and other entertaining stuff.

It is faster than catamaran and monohull yachts, and so requires more fuel costs to add up to your budget. The yacht can pass through undesirable weather conditions that diminish the worry during the trip.

When it comes to style, motor yachts can offer elegance, at the same time comfortable for the guests. This is perfect for more adventurous trips with the possible boat sizes to choose from.

Finding a Yacht That Suits Your Needs

Travelers should understand what each type of yacht could offer and it must be relevant to their budget. The next step is to determine how many guests you will cater in a yacht to select the most suitable boat size.

Also, do consider who you are traveling with, such as kids and elders. This is to ensure everyone’s well-being during the trip. Since each tourist has different tastes on how the adventure will go, it is better to have a clear picture of the type of trip that you wanted.  Moreover, it’s essential to consider your yachting location and how long the trip will be. Surely, this will lead you to the right yacht within your budget.

Several private yacht charters are available at affordable rates, depending on the type and size of the water vessel. Just conduct online research to find out the best possible deal for your sailing needs. Also, you can seek some referrals from other yacht travelers you know regarding the perfect yacht charter to hire.

Booking a Yacht

The yacht hire company in Phuket can give you options of the best yachts in the market for your next trip. Its staff will assist you in finding a particular yacht that won’t break your pocket. It is never too late to book a yacht to make a memorable summer this year!

Closing It Off 

Going on a yacht ride with your family and friends can be a spectacular travel experience during the summer season. It provides everyone with a memorable trip on the waters. Many on-board and off-board activities are available to make your sailing extra special. However, the level of enjoyment and satisfaction you can get might depend on the yacht charter you pick. Therefore, consider the tips above to help you find the perfect yacht for your next water trip.  


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Published: 15 February 2022

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