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Top five inspirational travel destinations

With the help of The Global Work & Travel Co, we outline five volunteering destinations with a difference.

Travelling abroad is about challenging yourself, exploring new places and experiencing awe-inspiring adventures.


Volunteering abroad allows you to explore new lands and spend time making a positive impact in the world helping wildlife and local communities grow to their best potential



Gap year travel company, The Global Work & Travel Cohas put together a list of the top five inspirational countries where you can go from caring for injured wildlife in Africa, to marine conservation in Spain, through to local communities that just need an extra set of hands. 


Volunteering isn't just about helping others, it can also cause a major uplifting change in your own life too!


Have an African adventure in the pride land

If you're looking to get up close to some of the famous safari wildlife or immerse yourself as a local to contribute to the community, encourage women's empowerment where it has seen little light, or even sharing your education skills with some young ones, then you've got the perfect destination waiting for you to arrive.

You can expect to see an entirely new side of the world, learn so much more about yourself, dabble in learning an entirely new language, culture and the magic that is Africa. 

Our pick? The African Wildlife and Conservation Trip where you can fall asleep to lions roaring and monkeys scampering across your rooftop. 

With a tonne of activities that cover game park management and compliment conservation, volunteers get to get up and close to the wildlife and make a lasting contribution to the environment. 

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Turtle, Costa Rica


Journey to the ancient lands in Central America

Tucked in between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, there are crashing shorelines to venture along, active volcanoes in between and of course wonderful projects are in amongst the incredible scenery ready for you to step right into.

Become a superhero educating local communities in Costa Rica whilst learning about the rugged, rainforest terrain as well as the scintillating culture. 

Or, if the ocean is calling your name, we have some ancient sea turtles looking for some TLC as they make their way to shore to deliver the next generation as part of the Sea Turtle Conservation trip in Costa Rica - it's just nature in all its glory.

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Fall in love with the Mediterranean in Spain

Someone mentions Europe and your mind has already raced off to a vibrantly sun-soaked adventure that is making you smile before you even realise it.

The idea of so much rich culture packed into one continent seems like a total delight and you are ready to jet off and explore every inch of history, festivity, food and tradition that they have on offer.

Especially if you start in a seaside town of Spain and marine conservation is on the agenda. The type of volunteer experience that will stretch your mind, educate you on some of the world's most beautiful sea creatures and be the most fun you have ever had in your life. 

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The Amazon


Explore the Amazon in Peru

Boasting countries such as Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Chile and so many more colourful flags, South America is a magnet for those looking for adventure, souls that have a passion for creating change, whilst honouring tradition that has been embraced for so many centuries.

Feel drawn to the locals' festive way of life as you delve into their towns to assist with on-going development in both their homes and rainforest conservation.

Come across some of the most stunning wildlife while volunteering at animal shelters in Peruwhere you can gain in-depth knowledge and experience of the different native wildlife that inhabits this beautiful country, then spend your rest time exploring the untouched coastlines as a well-deserved break from your hard efforts.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for you to feel comfortable in a new home away from home and surely will be the beginning of many more volunteer trips to come!

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Embrace a taste of the orient in Nepal

Asia packs a punch, offering a wide range of incredible culture, plenty of countries to roam, ancient temples and traditions, oh-so-much delicious food and some of the best people in the world ready to welcome you.

You get the opportunity to get festive amongst the pumping streets of Bangkok all the way to offering your silence alongside Monks in the quiet temples of Nepal, where you can teach in schools or care for orphans

With the diversity of Nepal at your fingertips, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore local temples, treks, and traditional ways of life. 

If you are looking for a journey that will allow you to embrace a beautiful culture, give back to the world and explore places unknown, then volunteering in Nepal is your next stop.

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Nepalese village


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Written by: Global Work & Travel Co for Traveltalk
Published: 9 April 2019

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