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Travelling while pregnant: the things to bear in mind

Travelling at the best of times can still be a stressful experience – and this is only added to by holidaying whilst pregnant. Fret not, as there are many ways to make the trip a whole lot easier. Here are some tips to bear in mind before flying away with a bump in tow.



Bring the necessary supplies 

When you’re pregnant, you’re going to have to bring more supplies with you than usual. Along with all the normal toiletries and clothing you’d bring on holiday anyway, make sure you’ve also got things such as comfortable shoes in preparation for a lot of walking and compression socks to limit swelling and improve circulation.

And be sure to bring some medical supplies in order to make your experience a lot easier, too. CTI recommend ginger lollies to alleviate nausea – perhaps a good idea if you’re prone to a spot of travel sickness – as well as some dry crackers to combat the probable morning sickness you’re bound to unfortunately experience.


Stay relaxed and stress-free 

An important thing to remember when travelling whilst pregnant is just how vital it is to stay calm. Getting stressed out or upset is bad for the health of both yourself and the baby, scientifically shown to change how genes develop, so be sure to chill out as much as possible. If you’re travelling with other responsible adults, let them take care of business – this is your opportunity to take the back seat.

In all seriousness, it is vital you have a relaxed experience – not only for the fact you don’t want a trip filled with negativity and stress, but your health is paramount when travelling pregnant. Make sure you and the people you’re with make it easy for you.


Choose a suitable destination

Be sure you’re heading somewhere that won’t be uncomfortable or inappropriate for you. An overly hot climate will prove to be almost unbearable depending on how far gone you are – it’s best not to overdo it with the heat.

Head somewhere that’s milder, even if the people you’re travelling with do want a spot of scorching sun. Your requirements should be at the forefront of every decision. And, when it comes to accommodation, be sure to choose somewhere with sufficient facilities and enough comfort on offer to make your stay enjoyable. Perhaps contact in advance to see what they can do for you as a pregnant guest.


Maintain a healthy diet

Sure, you’re on holiday – treat yourself to the local cuisine once in a while. But remember you’re not eating for two, as this post points out, your baby takes everything he or she needs from your body for the first six months without you needing any extra calories at all. So maintain a healthy diet throughout the trip. Drink plenty of water and eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables in order to keep things as healthy as possible. 

It’s likely the inevitable stress of travelling will take a slight toll on your body, so make up for it by keeping your health levels up through your diet. Sure, it’s easy to give into temptation, but don’t make it a habit.


Make the most of it

Last but not least, make sure you have a good time. Although there is extra pressure whilst travelling pregnant, don’t be overcome by stress. So long as you take extra precautions and remain calm, you’ll be in for an easy ride. Embrace the chance to relax.


Written by: Olivia Williams
Published: 29 September 2017

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