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What Makes Sailing The Ultimate Way To Travel?

Going on a holiday is always an excellent idea. After all, we all work hard each week, each month and each year. Heading off on vacation to relax, unwind and recharge the old batteries is needed from time to time. Having no responsibilities except figuring out what to do each day is great. So is the sense of adventure, discovery and delight that a holiday brings.


However, some methods of travel are simply better than others. A plane trip beats a road trip every time. A sailing trip trumps them all, though. And you might wonder how you can sail to different destinations if your boat is anchored in a separate location. Not to worry, Big Boat Transport or similar services can move your boat interstate, making it efficient and easy to transport to your desired destination.


This article will explain why sailing is the ultimate way to travel from location to location while you’re on holiday. So, it’s time to approach some yacht brokers because once you’ve read this blog, you won’t want to travel another way again.


The Ultimate Relaxation


Sailing is, put simply, the most relaxing method of travel ever. As you gently crest the waves and watch the shimmering sea and the blue sky, you will feel at ease and as comfortable as you’ve ever been. Combine this with some prime tropical sailing destinations and you will be so relaxed you might struggle to stay awake.

The sound of the waves against the boat can make you relax and reduce any stress you may have. You can enjoy the boat's motion, which comes with a calming effect. This calm, combined with the feeling of wind on your face, will allow you to let loose and enjoy your journey.

Whether you charter a sailboat with its own crew or set out on a journey by yourself, you can’t beat a sailing trip as the ultimate in relaxation.


Remote and Quiet Destinations


By sailing for a holiday, you are guaranteed to reach some remote and out of the way destinations. Locations like a small, tropical island oasis are simply unreachable by plane due to their tiny size.

 You don't have to stick to deadlines or stay in a hotel when sailing. Every day you spend sailing presents many possibilities and adventures to chase. When sailing, you can find one-for-the-books experiences, such as visiting hidden bays and beaches, touring historical towns, and enjoying different cuisines. The flexibility that sailing offers is a great way of unwinding.

By sailing to these spots, you can visit some of the most pristine places on Earth. You may swim in a lagoon that has only been seen by a small number of people. Compare that to a cramped bus tour of a capital city. You can see which one is the more desirable holiday activity.


Furthermore, you won’t come across massive crowds when on a sailing holiday. A vacation can be rapidly spoiled by large crowds and destinations that are chock full of other tourists. A quiet, uncrowded destination is a given on any sailing trip. 


No Experience? No Worries


If you have no sailing experience, you can simply hire a skipper. Most aquatic holiday destinations will have captains for hire, who supply the boat and the sailing skill. You can lay back, relax, and let the waves soothe your soul. This is the ultimate in responsibility-free holidaying, so you can make the most of all your free time. You will be free to read, snack, and enjoy a drink and a swim without worrying about a single thing. How good does that sound?


This will cost some money, yes. However, you should view spending on holiday as an investment in your wellbeing. The return on your investment is definitely worth the expenditure.  

Sailing Experience? Reap The Ultimate Benefits

If you do have sailing experience, then a sailing holiday offers ultimate benefits. In addition to the things already mentioned here, you will benefit from the physical activity that sailing is. This happens as you have to pull, hoist the sail, or hold the helm that keeps the boat on the right trackYou’ll get a great cardio workout each day, and your brain will sharpen due to needing your wits about you while sailing. You will see improved agility, endurance and concentration by taking a sailing holiday. The good thing is you will take this improvement back to work with you and return to your job with a crystal clear focus and boundless energy. 

Sailing also boosts your mental health thanks to the saltiness of the air that promotes oxygen absorption. And with sufficient oxygen, you produce enough serotonin to make you happy.

You also get to improve your diet when using sailing as a way to travel. Your diet will be boosted as you have a chance to reach smaller and remoter islands that have fresher and better vegetables and other food.  

Additionally, since you'll be passing and anchoring in different coastal towns, you'll enjoy various seafood. These kinds of seafood will boost your health as they are filled with omega-3 and fatty acids that are great for the body and brain.

Endless Destinations Available 


When travelling other ways, you are limited to where you can visit. You need to catch a flight, rent a car, hop on a bus or a train. Those pristine locations we mentioned above are simply out of reach with conventional travel methods.


Now, compare this to the ocean, which covers 71%, or most of the entire planet. Your destination options are literally endless. The only thing stopping you from visiting the entire world is your available time off. Now that’s a quality problem to have on a holiday, isn’t it?


Bonding and Connection


If you travel with others, the close quarters of a ship make for excellent bonding and connection conditions. You might travel with your family, your spouse or just some friends. Whoever the company is, you’re bound to finish the trip feeling close, connected and intimate with each other. After all, what is a holiday for, if not to get closer to your loved ones?


A Sailing Summary


In this helpful article, we’ve shared what makes sailing the ultimate way to travel. From visiting pristine locations to relaxation, a sailing holiday is definitely the ultimate method of travelling. Once you’ve had a sailing holiday, you’ll be loath to step foot on a plane, train or bus again - and with good reason. 



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Published: 21 March 2022

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