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Worst passport picture ever?

The stars must have aligned that day because for the first time in ten years, my passport photo was actually okay. Now, instead of shamefully handing it to international immigration agents, waiting for a sudden look of disgust, I proudly display it for all as proof that I can indeed look human and very different to the bedraggled creature who has just arrived not-so-fresh from the plane. But it wasn't always this way.


Passport photos, like most mugshots, suck by definition. Unlike practiced selfies which make use of flattering angles and filters, passport photos are shot dead centre under the harsh fluorescence of a chemist/post office. And there aren't any do overs unless you blink. 


But what makes passport photos worse is that they last for ages and are the go to for your legal identification needs.


So imagine how poor Chelsey Ramos felt when she got her freshly minted passport back from the US State Department with this picture.


Reece Lagunas posted this pic of his girlfriend's passport onto Reddit


Ramos had submitted the ‘normal’ photo of herself when she went to get her passport renewed ahead of a trip to Germany, Buzzfeed reported, so it’s little wonder that when she checked her new passport, her reaction was to scream, “Oh my f***ing God ... no they didn’t!”


Her uber supportive boyfriend laughed and posted the photos to reddit, so allowing EVERYONE see to it.


The obvious joke is to compare the passport pic to the early nineties film Coneheads, but some netizens compared her elongated head shape to that of a male body part or simply teased her for her obvious smarts in relation to the size of her brain.


Ramos though has since been issued a new passport complete with normal sized forehead - though it would have been fun to see how she might have explained that one to immigration…


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 17 August 2017

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