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Could you spend the rest of your life on a cruise?

The thing about holidays is that they end. You come home and have piles of laundry and a suitcase that needs to be unpacked and a tan that fades and a routine to which you must inevitably return.


But not so for Angelyn and Richard who have sold up their house and will now live full time on a series of cruises.



A former accountant, Angelyn, worked out that doing so would cost them a little over $60 a day.


“We really enjoy cruising and being able to visit different parts of the world without hopping on an airplane,” Angelyn told 7Life.


“Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time and eventually retire to cruise ships as we got older,” Angelyn said. 


But after she crunched the numbers, she realised they could stop working now and get away with a life on the high seas.


“We love to travel and we were searching for a way to continuously travel in our retirement that made financial sense.”


So with just one suitcase each, the pair started their new life on the sea in May 2021. And according to Angelyn it makes more sense than a mortgage. 


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Published: 13 May 2022

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