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Cruise lines scramble to meet Bahamas’ new vaccine mandate

From 3 September, cruise ships carrying unvaccinated passengers aged 12 or over will not be allowed to enter ports in the Bahamas.



The move has forced cruise lines which had previously not issued vaccine requirements to cruisers, to alter sailings or issue refunds to those unable or unwilling to be vaccinated. 


Valid through to 1 November, the order will require a cruise ship's captain to transmit a crew and passenger manifest which discloses every person's vaccination status to the Port Medical Officer before arrival, USA Today reported. 


The rule will not apply to passengers who can prove a medical condition prohibiting them from vaccination. 


Walt Disney Company’s cruise division has since announced that it will require passengers over 12  travelling from Florida to the Bahamas to prove their vaccination status. But, according to is blog, will cancel its Disney Fantasy set to sail on 4 September, Reuters reported.


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Published: 25 August 2021

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