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Detox, retox, rinse and repeat: Is this the ultimate way to voyage with Virgin?

Wind down by day and rev up by night. Virgin Voyages can be all about wellness and all about vibrant nightlife.

Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Night is a highlight of every ocean adventure.

Embarking on a Virgin Voyages cruise is not just a journey across the ocean; it's an experience that takes you beyond the typical cruise norms. 

After an arrival in Sydney that caught the attention of even the most dedicated and determined non-cruiser, the message heard loud and clear is that Virgin Voyages is redefining the cruise industry.

Central to this is its unique blend of detox and retox activities that cater to diverse preferences.

Detox: Sailing into Serenity

Virgin Voyages understands the importance of wellness, and its lady ships are designed to provide Sailors with an opportunity to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. Resilient Lady, the newest in the fleet now calling Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland her home, boasts state-of-the-art facilities for those seeking a detoxifying experience.

Expel those toxins with a relaxing sauna.

1. The Redemption Spa: A Haven of Tranquility

Step into The Redemption Spa, a sanctuary where serenity meets the sea.

Here, Sailors can indulge in a variety of rejuvenating spa treatments, from traditional massages to innovative wellness therapies. The spa's ocean-view treatment rooms offer a tranquil atmosphere, allowing guests to unwind while enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves.

2. Wellness at Sea: Fitness for Every Level

Virgin Voyages promotes an active lifestyle with its onboard fitness programs. From sunrise yoga on the deck to high-energy group workouts, sailors can choose activities that suit their fitness levels and preferences.

Nibble on some healthy bites at The Dock.

The ship's gym, curiously located directly adjacent to The Galley Food Hall, is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, providing fitness enthusiasts with everything they need for a satisfying workout.

3. The Dock: Healthy Dining with a View

Detoxing doesn't mean sacrificing delicious food. Virgin Voyages has curated a menu of nutritious and delectable dishes at The Dock, Resilient Lady’s healthy dining venue.

Guests can savour a variety of plant-based options, fresh seafood and dishes you didn’t think could be good for you, all made with locally sourced ingredients. Think some flame-grilled chicken skewers, freshly baked pita bread with dips, all set to some soulful acoustic rhythms.

Work up a sweat at The Athletic Club.

Retox: Elevating the Cruise Experience

After a day of relaxation, you can then turn up the tempo once again with Virgin Voyages offering an array of retox activities for those who want to add some excitement to the journey.

1. The Athletic Club: Play Meets Panorama

Found at the top of the ship, The Athletic Club is an outdoor playground featuring a running track, basketball court and even a modern twist on the classic sea swing.

Guests can engage in friendly competitions or simply enjoy the views while partaking in the ship's more active offerings. Consider the 90s boyband ‘dancercise’ where you can boogie to some of the most memorable tunes of yesteryear and not even realise you’ve been exercising the whole time.

Feel the best version of yourself with equal parts indulgence and relaxation.

2. The Manor: Nightlife Redefined

As the sun sets, The Manor comes alive. This double-deck nightclub offers an unforgettable nightlife experience with live performances, themed parties and an extensive cocktail menu. It's the perfect place for sailors to let loose and dance the night away.

3. Extra Virgin: Culinary Delights with a Twist

For those seeking a retox through a healthy dining venue onboard Resilient Lady, Extra Virgin offers a variety of globally inspired dishes. From gourmet comfort food to inventive cocktails, this venue adds a touch of culinary excitement to the voyage.

In conclusion, Virgin Voyages has masterfully blended the art of detox and retox, providing sailors with a cruise experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you prefer to unwind in a spa, engage in invigorating workouts, or dance the night away, Virgin Voyages offers a cruise adventure that caters to all tastes and preferences. Prepare to set sail on a journey of wellness, excitement, and unforgettable moments on the high seas.

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Written by: Sponsored by Virgin Voyages
Published: 30 December 2023

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