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MSC Cruises introduces self-upsell by the glass on drinks packages

The new structure makes the line’s entire drinks menu great value, especially premium spirits, wines and cocktails.

The price of many premium beverages on MSC Cruises are falling for drinks package holders.

How often have you been on a cruise and thought about treating yourself to a more premium drink, only to be told it isn’t included in your prepaid drinks package and will cost you full price?

MSC Cruises is listening and has introduced a new self-upgrade feature of its onboard beverage packages allowing travellers to only pay the difference between what is included in their prepaid bundle and the a la carte price of the intended wine, spirit or cocktail.

The move essentially halves the additional price of many premium beverages to be paid on top of the credit level available through various beverage packages offered by MSC Cruises.

For example, if you have your eye on a particularly alluring cocktail for a sea day by the pool but you’re on the Easy Package, drinks priced at €14 will only cost €7.

MSC's new drinks structure is sure to lower the price of any celebration.

Savings of €9 can be enjoyed on drinks €18 for those on the Easy Plus Package, while travellers who have shelled out for the Premium Extra Package can aim even higher with those really elegant tipples priced at €28 only resulting in a €14 charge added to your guest folio.

A similar structure applies to ships sailing in U.S. waters where the onboard currency is USD.

It’s valid for all travellers who have purchased the Easy, Easy Plus or Premium Extra beverage packages, regardless of when the package was purchased.

The new pricing structure applies to all MSC Cruises ships beginning from the 2023 Northern Summer but does exclude itineraries embarking in South Africa.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 11 May 2023

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