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MSC Cruises is taking family entertainment to new levels on MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia will feature the most structured and age-appropriate entertainment schedule for kids of all ages.

MSC Euribia will set sail for the first time in June 2023.

More than 100 hours of specialised, curated entertainment and activities will feature on every MSC Cruises voyage onboard its newest ship, MSC Euribia, the cruise line has revealed.

MSC Euribia, which begins sailing in June this year, will offer seven different rooms and clubs suited to children of different ages and specially designed to promote age-appropriate social interaction.

The 700 square metre space will consist of seven rooms aimed at a different age bracket, with two dedicated to teaching children about sustainability and one focused on digital technology and innovation.

The Baby Club Chicco Eco on MSC Euribia.

For the youngest cruisers, the Baby Club Chicco Eco is aimed at the 0-2 age range, where babies can be entertained with environmentally friendly toys and games made with 80% recycled plastic. Caring crew members are all fully qualified, experienced and certified to care for the youngest guests.

Next up is the Mini Club, aimed at the 3-6 bracket, followed by Juniors Club Lego for 7-11 year olds.

Older kids will feel right at home starting with the Young Club for those aged 12-14, the Teen Club for 15-17 and finally, while an overarching Teen Lab will also be available for the whole young adult contingent aged 12-17. Activities will include Playstation 5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, foosball, table tennis and virtual reality headsets.

Specialised activities will include MasterChef at Sea, where kids aged 5-12 can express their budding kitchen prowess as well as learning about healthy eating habits.

For the pre-teens, activities and games will immerse them in educational fun.

The MSC Dance Crew is a joint collaboration with Fremantle Entertainment and will see kids 10-17 work together in groups to design and perform a dance routine and compete for the title of Dance Crew of the Year, backed by familiar sets akin to The X Factor and the ‘Got Talent’ talent contests.

Each cruise will offer nine live family activity sessions where parents can get involved, along with six evening activities for teens to enjoy with their new friends after dinner.

Older children can participate in a range of ‘cool’ activities designed for their age range, including solving mysteries onboard through ‘Cabin 12006’ – The Secret Game. There will also be ‘Drone Academy 2.0’ where teens and their parents can take part in a drone race using point-of-view cameras and virtual reality to navigate 15 different obstacles in the fastest time.

And for the teens too cool to be seen with parents, they can hang out and make new friends.

For the first time on MSC, the highly interactive ‘Caravaggio’ mystery will see teens work together to investigate an art heist and catch the thief somewhere onboard the ship.

Other passengers can also get involved by being the judging audience for ‘Break The Wall’, a high-tech game show where teenage participants test their skills and perform a variety of tasks and games.

Parents can also get involved through the MSC Foundation Youth Centre, which will offer a range of educational games designed to teach about the environment, while adults can learn about the many sustainability initiatives and causes sponsored and supported by MSC Cruises.

Activities can also be enjoyed as a family, with nine live family activity sessions and shows for younger children and six special teen evening adventures per sailing.

MSC Cruises Youth Entertainment Senior Manager, Matteo Mancini, said the line was excited to reveal its family friendly activities for the upcoming debut of MSC Euribia.

“Designed with the latest technology and taking into account current trends, we want to meet the needs of new generations of children and their families for years to come,” Mancini said.

“The onboard entertainment will reflect MSC Euribia's message of sustainability, with new innovations and environmental components integrated into the cruise experience.”


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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 13 March 2023

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