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MSC Cruises Unveils Five Key Travel Trends Shaping 2024 Holidays

In the ever-evolving world of travel, MSC Cruises, the world’s third largest cruise brand, is shedding light on five important travel trends that are driving guest holiday decisions for 2024 and beyond. These trends, observed by the cruise giant, point towards a shift in guest preferences, emphasizing experiences that combine luxury, cultural richness, and immersive city adventures.


Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Linger for Longer

Cruise travellers are increasingly expressing a desire for more time in their destinations, and itineraries with extended or overnight port calls are gaining popularity. This extra time ensures guests can truly explore their destinations in an authentic and leisurely way, allowing enough time to soak up unique cultures, savour local flavours and explore everything a destination has to offer.


In 2024, travellers can look forward to spending more time in places like the Greek Island of Mykonos, Dubai, and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, ensuring a more authentic and relaxed exploration of these stunning locations.


Cultural Exploration


The new year sees a heightened eagerness among travellers to explore diverse cultures and experience new destinations. Travelers are no longer content with just visiting well-known tourist attractions; instead, they seek to experience destinations in a way that reflects the local lifestyle.


MSC Cruises is catering to this desire with itineraries that explore rich cultural landscapes. From the artistic and historical depths of Asia aboard MSC Bellissima to the vibrant Middle Eastern scenes on MSC Virtuosa, and the unique charm of Scandinavia and the Baltic region on MSC Poesia, the line is setting a new benchmark in cultural exploration.


Upgraded Experiences

Globally, travellers are increasingly seeking more exclusive and luxurious experiences, aiming to transform their annual holiday into truly unforgettable and indulgent adventures that result in lifelong memories.


MSC Yacht Club Suite

Addressing this desire, MSC Cruises steps up with the MSC Yacht Club. This concept, which has grown in popularity since its introduction in 2008, offers a premium experience with amenities like 24-hour butler service, private lounges, and exclusive access to high-end facilities. The MSC Yacht Club experience is especially unique for guests visiting private islands like Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and Sir Bani Yas.


European City Escape


Travellers are more enthusiastic than ever to delve into the vibrant cities of Europe. These urban destinations offer a well-rounded appeal, featuring an abundance of historic sights, culinary experiences, diverse shopping options, renowned attractions, and immersive opportunities to engage with local culture.


MSC Cruises is at the forefront of offering diverse itineraries across Europe's most vibrant cities. From the historical allure of Rome and Barcelona to the iconic landmarks of Paris, London, and Amsterdam, MSC Cruises enables guests to experience Europe's diverse urban charm in a single journey.


Ultimate Experience-Value Return

Cruising is becoming a more appealing option for new demographics, including Gen-Xers and Millennials. Recognizing the value-packed nature of cruising, MSC Cruises offers itineraries that include multiple destinations, diverse dining options, and a range of onboard entertainment and wellness facilities, all at an exceptional value.


These five trends, reflect the evolving preferences of modern travellers, pointing towards a future of travel that is rich in experiences, cultural immersion, and luxury. 

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Published: 20 December 2023

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