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Oz cruise ship’s year takes another bad turn

It’s norovirus … again

A case of gastro norovirus detected onboard the Sun Princess has again put the cruise ship under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.


Image ABC News - Kristian Silva


Earlier this year, the same virus affected nearly 100 Aussies towards the end of a round-trip cruise from Brisbane to Papua New Guinea.


Following this, a passenger fell overboard from the ship, and was missing for days before the ship’s crew were alerted to his disappearance.


Now, almost another 100 people have been hit with norovirus on the Sun Princess whilst travelling along Australia’s east coast.


A Metro North Public Health Unit spokeswoman said the gastro outbreak hit at least 91 passengers on the ship that docked in Brisbane Thursday, AAP reported.


"We have been advised that on-board testing has found norovirus to be the cause of the illness," she said in a statement.


Image Tara Crosser


A Princess Cruises spokesperson said the first case of gastro was reported on the first day of the cruise.


"Consistent with current public health alerts that norovirus and influenza are widespread in the general community in NSW, Victoria and Queensland respectively, proactive and successful steps were taken on board Sun Princess to limit any spread of the illness," he said, adding that the crew had undertaken a “deep cleansing” of the ship before its slightly delayed departure.


The Sun Princess can carry just over 2000 passengers and nearly 1000 crew.


Published: 11 August 2017

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