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Proof that cruising makes you happy for a long time

Yet another reason to plan a cruise

There’s little doubt cruise holidays are mostly enjoyable experiences; it’s why cruising is booming.


Image Annette Sousa / Unsplash


But overwater vacations are also beneficial to a passenger’s overall happiness and well-being, whilst on board and into the future, a new study has found.


Published in the International Journal of Tourism Research, the study flags three dimensions of cruise experiences: emotional experience, relational experience, and thinking experience.


According to The Economic Times, it finds that in the short term, cruise holiday happiness derives mainly from emotional and relational experiences, while long-term joy comes largely from the thinking experience.


"The relational experience dimension refers to the social interactions with family, friends, staff, and other vacationers on a cruise," said Jiaying Lyu, an associate professor at China’s Zhejiang University, whose researchers contributed to the study.


"Thinking experience consists of the opportunities that people can experience different places and cultures and broaden horizons, as well as contemplative activities that involve introspection and meditation."      


Food for thought…


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 January 2018

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