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Silversea leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of luxury

JENNY ROWLAND joins Silversea Expedition Cruises in London for a very special celebration...

Scouting for toilets is part of luxury expedition leader Stefan Kredal's job ... and it’s a job he takes very seriously.



It’s Silversea Expedition Cruises' tenth anniversary and Traveltalk, along with some very lucky Venetians (Silversea’s famous loyalty club), are on a three-day journey from London to Dublin to celebrate.


Stefan is Silversea's director of expedition shore programs, and in his own words “has the best job in the world” scouting out new and exciting uncharted destinations and ensuring the optimum guest experience ... that includes knowing where the toilet facilities are when exploring some remote corner of the planet!


Ten years ago, the Silver Explorer was inaugurated as the first of Silversea's expedition ships and sailed under London’s iconic Tower Bridge; today they commemorate their tenth birthday by sailing the beautiful Silver Cloud under that very same bridge.


According to Conrad Combrink, SVP strategic development expeditions and experiences, the extensive and very thorough “scouting” or checking out of new destinations and products is one of the key things that sets Silversea apart from its rivals.



Luxury expedition cruising is getting bigger and bigger. The baby boomers are driving this as the need for cultural/experiential and interactive tourism grows along with the desire to seek out remote off the beaten track destinations with a glass of champagne at the end of the day! The sale of luxury watches and diamonds are in decline in favour of seeking bucket list travel experiences.


With this demand there has to be increased supply which is why Silversea came up with the amazingly innovative idea of converting the Silver Cloud (its first ever ship built in 1995) into an ice strengthened expedition ship. With 16 new Zodiacs, the only Relais & Chateaux restaurant in Antarctica and a pole-to-pole expedition itinerary, the Silver Cloud Is Silversea's fourth expedition ship.


Having pioneered the concept of the luxury expedition cruise a decade ago, Silversea offers more options than ever before for those seeking great adventure without sacrificing any creature comforts.


But, the last word should go to the owner of Silversea himself, Manfredi Lefebvre, who said, “Luxury isn’t just another bottle of champagne - that’s a given for Silversea guests. It’s about us delivering the most unique experiences in a very organised and expert way”.



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 June 2018

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