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Two Aussies injured when cruise ship hits Venice wharf

Four tourists, including two Australians, were injured while attempting to run from a cruise ship which rammed into a tourist boat before careening into a Venice wharf.



An Australian who was eating breakfast on his balcony on board the out of control vessel told the Today show that he saw people running everywhere.


“We noticed [the ship] was heading straight for that pier,” he said. 


“The closer it got, the more we started to freak out.”


Footage obtained from San Basilio cruise terminal in Venice shows MSC Opera’s air horn sounding before crashing into the wharf, collecting a local tourist boat in the process.


A statement from the cruise line revealed that the MSC Opera experienced a mechanical problem Sunday as it was docking at the passenger terminal.


Calls for banning large cruise ships in Venice were renewed after the collision, many saying the ships are out-of-scale for Venice.


The MSC Opera is a 66,000 tonne ship with a capacity of 2700 passengers.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 3 June 2019

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