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Virgin Voyages reveals cabin designs, to mixed reaction


In a modern look we‘ve come to associate with Virgin, Virgin Voyages has unveiled the design of the cabins onboard its Scarlet Lady vessel.


On its Facebook page, Virgin Voyages describes the contemporary abodes as “Tech forward, eco-oriented, extra roomy (the cabin & the Rainshowers), flexible enough to satisfy everything you need and made to handle all the revel a Sailor can think of”. 


“Introducing a home away from land. A sanctuary on the sea. A place to revel or relax. Without further ado, our cabins are here,” it says. 



The cruise ship, which will be for adults only, promises rockstar treatment, with Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson earlier in the month describing its suites as “glamorous”. And if you manage to nab one of the Rebellious Luxe suites, indeed they would be (hanging guitars and all). 


But initial feedback on social media has been mostly unkind to the new cabins. 


On Facebook, one user simply writes “Looks cheap. Furniture by IKEA.” 


Other posters criticize the “tightness” of the cabins, while many question the pull-out bed designs.



But the cabins have received the thumbs up from some observers.


“I can’t wait!!! Ready for the next generation of cruising!!” Angela Bitterman writes.


Hana Najzrova simply says, “Beautiful. Cannot wait to sail on this beauty.” 


What do you think of the cabins? 



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 1 February 2019

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