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Why Aussies will love the Norwegian Prima

Making its Texan debut sailing from Galveston to Mexico the brand new groundbreaking Norwegian Prima is outstanding in every way and the first of six new vessels for the company that will be rolled out over the coming years.



These ships are designed to elevate every cruise expectation you ever had with the most outdoor deck space and spacious cabins. Coming out of Covid these two features alone will give these ships an edge. But wait there’s more… a lot more.


Traveltalk is on board with other media and enjoyed a Q & A with Harry Sommer NCL’s President and CEO.



When asked why Australians should book a cruise with Norwegian, Sommer said “the outstanding service, all inclusive packages, excellent entertainment and the best food of any cruise line - I think all Australians love these things.”


“Since we restarted we’ve had the highest repeat rate (from people that cruised for the first time with us) - almost double our record year which is a phenomenal success,” Sommer said.


When quizzed about the perceived higher cost of these new cruise ships Harry had an interesting perspective and said, “In 2019 30 million took a cruise. Something like two billion people took an overnight vacation in the likes of Marriott , Hilton etc. I like to think that we are competing with a luxury resort stay on the beach in Miami or Cancun and when you add up the extra cost of your food entertainment and transfers we are at least 40% cheaper and it’s a wonderful holiday experience.”



A compelling argument indeed and having experienced this incredible ship for the past four days I agree with Harry. It’s a wonderful holiday experience.


A bit more about my amazing cruise coming soon. I’ll tell you all about the food, ervice and unbelievable entertainment and why Australians are going to love Norwegian Prima.

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Published: 31 October 2022

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