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You can now upgrade your P&O Cruises cabin through an online auction

The pre-departure process allows travellers to score a better view or a more spacious cabin. Here’s how it all works.

Place your bid for an upgrade to a balcony cabin in P&O's new online auction.

Cruisers can now bid for a better stateroom than they originally booked as part of a new online upgrade auction launched by P&O Cruises Australia. 

In a process similar to how airlines invite bids to fill available seats in higher classes, the new ‘Upgrade Me’ program from P&O Cruises allows travellers to potentially save hundreds of dollars by bidding for Ocean View, Balcony, Mini Suites, Suites and Penthouses, compared to the regular price.

Here’s how it works. Between 70 and three days prior to sailing, cruisers who have paid their final balance on existing bookings at least five days earlier will be invited to place a bid to upgrade their cabin to any category higher than the one they are currently in, based on availability.

Successful bids earn the additional perks that come with that particular stateroom category, such as access to the Byron Beach Club. However, if your booking included an onboard credit, this amount doesn’t increase with your upgrade to a higher category.

Or go all the way and try your luck getting boosted to a spacious suite.

Each traveller can only place one bid per category but will improve their chances if placing bids on multiple categories. Travellers who hold Future Cruise Credit can also put this towards their bid.

For example, if you’re booked in an Interior stateroom, you can increase your chance of an upgrade by placing a bid on both an Ocean View and a Mini-Suite. If successful for either, you’ll only pay once as your booking can only be upgraded once. No further bidding or upgrades can then be attempted.

Bids are priced per person and will apply to a minimum of two travellers per room, so the price you’ll actually pay will be double your winning bid.

However, only the first two travellers in a cabin will be charged, meaning if you have a third or fourth person in your cabin, they will be upgraded for free. Solo travellers who successfully bid for an upgrade will also pay double as if there was a second person in their room.

Upgrades to suites and selected mini-suites will gain access to the Byron Beach Club.

It’s important to note that not every booking will be invited to bid, so if you’re travelling with friends and have selected a stateroom nearby, a successful upgrade may see you relocated to another part of the same deck or even another deck entirely.

Bids can be accepted, processed and charged at any time but can be modified at any time beforehand. Unsuccessful bidders will retain their original room category.

P&O Cruises President Marguerite Fitzgerald said the introduction of the ‘Upgrade Me’ program shows the line is continually working hard to provide its guests with ways to personalise their cruise experience.

“There’s so much anticipation that comes with counting down the days to your holiday. The closer that day comes, we know that people start looking for those extras that will make their experience even more special and this is a great value way of doing just that,” Fitzgerald said.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 27 April 2023

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