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Hitting the road in Canada? Its nicest loo’s in a service station

A roadside bathroom worthy of its own postcard

We all have our horror stories, whether from home or abroad, of road side toilets. It’s probably the worst side to travelling, and something that sometimes even involves pre-planning. But occasionally, you come across a lavatory that compares to your own or even surpasses it.



One such facility is the Whitecourt Washroom at the Whitecourt Esso Super Station – yes, a service station loo – in Alberta Canada, which was recently named Canada’s Best Restroom of 2016.


Cintas Canada, a major Canadian restroom company and prize giver, revealed the Whitecourt bathroom captured nearly 90% of 43,000 votes in the national poll, and as a result  will receive CA$2,500 in Cintas products and services.


The restrooms at the gas station, which reopened in July 2015, earned special praise for their "decorative lighting and wall tiles, which are paired with sleek countertops".



“We’re humbled by the public’s outpouring of support to help us earn the title of Canada’s Best Restroom,” Whitecourt Esso Super Station owner Landon Hommy said.


“Customers appreciate that they can count on us for a clean place to stop and use the washroom, which is why we pride ourselves on the elegance and maintenance of our facility.”


Cintas Corporation assistant marketing manager Jillian Bauer meanwhile praised the facility “for its stylish stalls and commitment to cleanliness”.


“Whitecourt is the perfect example of a small town rallying around a business that is dedicated to providing clean and well-maintained restrooms,” she said.


So, if you’re ever on a road trip in beautiful Canada, and in need of a bathroom break, aim for the Whitecourt toilets or the other 2016 finalists:


1. Whitecourt Esso Super Station – Whitecourt, Alberta

2. Sauce Italian Kitchen & Market – Calgary, Alberta

3. Assiniboine Park Lyric Theatre – Winnipeg, Manitoba

4. W Montreal – Montreal, Québec

5. East Village – Calgary, Alberta


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 November 2016

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